Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rumor Mill: 3C .vs. ~^~ battle had more casualites than originally reported

After further investigation and intelligence, it seems a 3C attack on a known Mossad ~^~ branch compound had more casualties than originally reported. Although the attackers miscalculated the amount of defenders, and were outnumbered 2-to-1, they were able to plant explosive charges and destroy the entire structure. A 3C operative who's tag displayed "Terrorist" commented first: "We are the best Special Forces unit in the world." he said, "Props to our commander Sithis for securing the first forward base while we engaged Dark Flock forces on the second. Jumpman23 (a 3C Spetznaz officer) had a great plan and was clutch when we made it back to the main compound." When reached for comment, Jumpman23 responded "The main compound was a real meat grinder, and everyone just kept pushing hard. I ended up on the left side of it pushing up the staircase, and out pops several Dark Flock operatives. I knife 2 of them, and then 4 of them began to charge me. Thanks to a smoke cover I was able to knife all four of them, and Terrorbob planted the plastic explosive before reinforcements arrived." another 3C operative (Azr1al) wasn't as politically correct, "I love shooting Big Birds in the face." he replied mockingly. In a first ever seen here, the ~^~ branch of the Mossad had more confirmed deaths than kills.

According to death records obtained by GNN Corporate, BuckyChitown, Altimit84, Nightshade83, Soulbit, Littlecutebunny, PowerExtreme, RLRRLRLL, and Reverence04 were some of the ~^~ operatives among the dead.