Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raven, a New Nationhood?

Raven 'State' ID Card

From GNN:

Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting live from London. In this official GNN report, we bring you important updated information on the situations between the PMCs Valor, Raven, and particular their events occurring worldwide right now in Brazil, Africa, and the Far East.
Rumors have been abounding around political circles of Raven's intention to solidify it's representative nations in a fashion similar to how SVER established "The Collective". The existence of a "Raven State" is now the largest question on the minds of political leaders. What tipped reporters off was the introduction of certain ID cards for certain members of a Raven Division which explicity mention membership of a "Raven State". Above you can see one of these ID cards found. Whether or not this is a planned event, or something that has already occurred is what everyone is trying to find out. One thing is for sure, that this would be a natural response to SVER's solidification of political/military power in Europe. One could guess in theory that Valor might eventually follow suit. Could this be a new era in Nation-building where the nation-states of the 19th century are replaced by multi-national empires?

Raven AT-4 Tank Near Somalian Coast

In Africa, Raven secured trade negotiations from local indiginous tribes in the congo region, giving them unfeathered access to knowledge of the areas valuable resources Raven troops previously seen moving Southward have slipped off the grid, and as of now no public statement has been made since their discovery and subsequent disappearence. In addition, SVER's armored divisions remain stationary approximately 5 miles North of the South African 'Grid', a region of land covered in mines, traps, and snipers. The more important matter was Raven's drive away from the Congo River further East to secure a connection to the Middle East. Last reports came back of a base camp being setup near the coasts of Somalia.

In the far East, Valor's blocade of Vietnam ended up in a shoot out between Valor's larger assault destroyers and Vietnam's regional-based submarines and PT boats. The incident broke out when Valor commanders on the SS Nixon did not respond to hailing calls and requests to come aboard by Vietnamese Naval officers. When a warning shot was fired upon the Vietnamese Navy, they responded with small arms fire.

At the end of the day the SS Nixon had sunk two PT boats and damaged a submarine, while it took minor if negligable damage to it's own hull. SVER Commanders have come out calling the event provocation against the SVER Collective.

Grezkev: "Valor did not do this to Vietnam. They did not do this to the Vietnamese people. They did this to the SVER Collective."
Priya Khan: "While it troubles me to see these kinds of developments over and over, it does not surprise me to hear that it is PMC-related activity."

GNN Eagerly awaits a public response from any Valor officer who may have been onboard the Nixon at the time of the event.

In the public area, we saw new British PM Jane Witters take office. In her opening speech, she remarked how Britain would "remain safe and protected through the SVER Collective. We will not betray their guard, and we will not falter on our promises." In the same day, Brazilian President Hugo Riveras sent a powerful message to his people when his public speech in the capitol called Raven Industries a "menace" in South and Central America that must be "beaten back by the will of the people."

British Citizens Rally at PM Jane Witter's Speech

Lastly, in economic news the New Mexican Republic's economy has finally made it's complete turn-around and is on the upswing to progress. A lot could have to do with Raven Industries recent influx of funding back into the natonal economies of it's representative nations, but as well it could also mean that Raven's approach to political and economic vice does work, if only in the long term. Valor on the other hand is experiencing a crunch due to it's increased need for military funding. We saw Raven experience a similar situation when trying to push SVER back from Brazil while controlling Britain, and we can suspect that this open and obvious weakness could be exploited by one of the other two PMCs.


  1. Thats just weird, if Raven becomes a national entity then they will be bound by the Millennium Accord and lose their right to engage in international warfare.

  2. That's actually not true Jerry.

    The SVER Collective got away with it by precedence: The Millennium Accord was written to proscribe the securities of national governments.

    Neither SVER, Raven Industries, nor Valor Corp have signed the Millennium Accord and thus none of them are bound by its laws.

    They retain their right to engage by holding precedent over the Accord in general. It's the exact same way Adolf Hitler created Nazi Germany: He bypassed international laws through treaties and negotiations.

  3. Mm. The mercenary army rebelling against it's masters. Cicero disapproves.