Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raven Invades Western Africa!

Photo Taken of a Raven Fleet near Cameroon

From GNN:

Olivia Darby: "Olivia here reporting from London. The Collective was put on high alert today as news was spread about Raven's territorial acquistion of African coasts through Cameroon and the Congo. Utilizing tactics almost identical to how SVER invaded Brazil with the aid of the Amazon, Raven was able to take over moderate regions of the Congo through the Congo River and by establishing a series of military base camps along its banks. The bulk of Raven's forces however remain in their naval fleet, and a full-scale invasion has yet to take place.

Raven Troops Stand Watch

It seems that the question of why Raven's fleet was coasting down past Moroco earlier this week has been answered. Whether or not their actions are in the interests of themselves, or of the territories they are occupying...is anyone's guess. Raven leader Antoine Jeannette was heard over international broadcast stating that,

Antoine: "If the SVER Collective can invade territories with the perspective of progress and social harmony, then we can invade territories on our own accord...to support and defend our representative nations and to prop up a true social hirearchy."

One thing that is expected of Raven by most military strategists is the deployment of their new technological super tank, the AP-2 Thunder Tank. With just one shot from it's cannon, the AP-2 is capable of destroying entire bunkers through the utilization of it's new unique hollow-tipped explosive armor piercing shell, designed to fragment targets and cause a massive disarray of fragmented metal. In response to this new weapon and their territorical occupation, neither SVER nor Valor has made any statements. The situation in the world however, is changing rapidly. Raven poises to set itself as a new record holder of territory, most likely looking towards the oil-rich and gold-rich mines of Central Africa.

On the other side of the world, Valor has reached its final agreements with the People's Republic of Korea and has set up defensive positions along their border. They have not however, made any increased effort to stabilize and occupy the regions outside of Korea, which would bring them closer and closer to the SVER Collective's massive East Asian barrier, also known as the 2nd Great Wall of China. But at this point SVER could still be interested in removing Valor from what is questionably 'their' continent.

The AM-50 Sniper Rifle

In more pressing news, above you can see pictured the weapon used to assassinate our late Prime Minister Joseph Edwards last month. The weapon was found stashed along the coast of Dover underneath some rocks. The weapon had been disassembled in order to confuse authorities, but the shell casing left at the scene was the marking evidence that confirmed the weapon style. The rifle was an AM-50, one of the upgraded sniper rifles used by elite snipers from Raven Industries.

Mi6 released their information after they had received reports from undercover agents that Raven had attempted assasinations before but had never found the key target that would cause SVER to pull its forces back as opposed to continue throwing them forward. No direct link has been made to any directive given by a Raven commanding officer, but in light of this news regarding the weapon used I think that the entire world is waiting for a public response from Raven.

Many had speculated that the assasination could have been an inside job, or even done by deceptive terrorists who betrayed the SVER Collective. While those suggestions are still possible, it now seems as though the event was in someway directly related to Raven Industries.

GNN Released this video with footage recovered from Raven's invasion into Africa early yesterday...

In ligher economic news, SVER has managed to free themselves from a sattelite blackout, and has resumed their economic sanctioning towards Northern African territories. Northern Africa had previously benefitted from close economic relations with Italy and Spain, but now considering the threat level prestented in Africa, SVER has obviously chosen to corner the interests of African nations so they cannot easily bend to the economic will of Raven.

In economic news, Korea and the American Republic have seen substantial gains in resources following the opening of trade negotiations between Valor's American Republic and Raven's New Mexican Republic; but principally because of gains made in the field by Valor armies. For nearly 2 days Valor shut down the communication sattelites of SVER, making it nearly impossible for their armies to communicate short of using Morris Code. Likewise, the emphasis on new technology has broken down in both Valor and Raven divisions and thus international contracts have been taken and claimed by the SVER Collective. Hopefully within the next few weeks we can hope to see some technological shifts.

Lastly, our political anaylsts have found some interesting traits about the 3 PMCs in general. They all share a common goal, but they do it with 3 unique perspectives. Here is how the political team at GNN have broken down the three PMCs:

Valor - With it's strong desire to reunite the former United States, and protect the Americans for foreign influence, Valor stands as one of the most defensive organizations in the world. While not caring much for the nations they represent, they also do not pressure hard to invade and conquer other territories. They are more concerned about their own well being. Valor most closely resembles a libertarian military Republic, like early Rome.

Raven - With a tightly knit economic and political system, Raven's method of organization most closely mimicks that of an international trade organization, or to put it more bluntly....like a Fascist dictatorship. Capable of amassing any amount of funding for military expenditure, Raven is set on conquering the world through force in order to benefit the homeland territories of their founding nations.

SVER - Bound by strife and continuous struggle, the SVER Collective stands in opposition to any government or power that sees itself as the arbiter of mankind. SVER nations are given national political independence with modern demands for military spending. As such, SVER has some of the weakest weapons, vehicles, and defensive positions out of all 3 PMCs. They do however have numbers; The Collective Itself encapsulating over 22 billion citizens, stretching from Eastern China to Europe to Brazil. SVER most closely resembles that of a confederated socialist state.

That is all for now. Olivia Darby, out."

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