Monday, September 13, 2010

now THAT'S a commercial.

Anyone who's watched TV recently and has seen the ingenious live-action campaign that Halo: Reach is promoting itself with. Just in case anyone at Zipper was curious how you properly market console-exclusive games. ENJOY.


  1. just to tell you its not up to zipper on the marketing of the game it is sony.

  2. It is true Sony does the marketing... And yes they did not do a good job with MAG... In fact in my opinion they blew it.. I said it during the Beta that they needed to market the hell out of this game and they haven't another Epic fail by SONY in waht should be a marquee title.

  3. The results of good marketing? a record 200 million in day one sales.

  4. For those that don't know, Bungie was bought and OWNED by Microsoft for many years, while making the Halo franchise.
    However, unlike Zipper with Sony, BUNGIE fault tooth-and-nail against Microsoft in order to maintain their individual identity and dignity.

    Bungie often let it leak out when they had to push hard against Microsoft for something, and microsoft was good about letting Bungie have their way when they wanted it (I still remember when they were trying to get the BanHammer implemented and later improved, and when they would hint at trying to get the 2-month-free-trail-cards axed for the 360, and other anti-hacker related stuff). This led to the insanely successful Halo francise; an excellent give and take relationship between Microsoft; and even the mutual respect for microsoft to release Bungie from it's OWNERSHIP and allowing it to once again become an independent company and go multiplatform.

    By stark contrast, Zipper was a company that was breastfeed to fame by Sony, then later sold it's soul to Sony and relinquished all chances for it developing a presence as it's own studio at the same time. Zipper is Sony's property, now, and it has to sing to the tune of whatever bureaucratic BS gets vomited within Sony from the SCEA division all the way to the HQ of the overlords in Japan. There exists now employees or director's of Zipper (and Zipper alone) that have the "power" or "balls" to stand up against Sony's BS in any way.. shape.. or form.

    It's obvious as Night-and-Day that Sony attempted to competitively follow Microsoft's Halo/Bungie example when Sony commissioned SOCOM and later purchased Zipper, except.... Sony and Zipper are just doing it way way waaaaayyy wrong. -_-