Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Military Action Near South Africa!

SVER T-80 Charging Across NorthWestern Corridor, Opening Fire
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Olivia Darby: Olivia here reporting Live from London. In today's report, we have shocking information of a breakout of opening firing between SVER and Raven forces along the NorthWestern Corridor of South Africa's defensive perimeter.

Raven APCs were engaged by SVER Tanks along South African NorthWestern Defensive Corridor early yesterday morning. The event was triggered when SVER sat comms detected explosive fire in the area. It turned out that the fire came from SVER's own mortar bases, which were firing along defensive perimeters for practice, unbeknownst to the T-80 Division in the region's 'NorthWest Corridor.' No Raven Tanks were seen in the area, rather only a multitude of small troop personal vehicles. Upon hearing the fire of mortar shells and receiving location identification from sat comm, SVER division field officers presumed that the region was under attack. The T-80s charged in and fired dead onto their targets with no warning, destroying three of the nine APCs.
SVER Troops were quickly deployed to the region to clear out any remaining units, while the T-80s stayed in formation. Various divisions were seen in the defensive operation, but divisions 3C and Red Star (R*S) stood out. The attackers have been rumored to be divisions of Raven's Dark Flock regiment, which would spark an increased cause for concern over the future stability of the region. If Raven is willing to send it's best, it probably considers the territory valuable. While no confirmations have been made about the offensive Raven divisions, GNN eagerly awaits any public response.

The SVER Collective Flag
While military action in the NorthWest Corridor was questionable at best, it does however show that Raven military forces have reaches as far South as the Northern most regions of SVER Collective territory. Likewise, the territories North of SVER positions have been fortified to their max. Now, an iron wall of Raven armored and light infantry divisions scatter the desert and central Congo regions. Like a game of chess, it's SVER's move. The detached APC personale group was most likely the Raven division lost by sattelites over the past weekend. As stated before, GNN awaits any public response from Raven on the matter.

Valor has been Reinforcing their Naval units via BlackHawk Helocopters
In the Far east, Valor's Navy has still be seen stationed along the far Western coastlines of Vietnam. While no military action has been seen since the small PT boat excursion late last weekend, we do expect to see or hear some kind of response from SVER. Vietnam's president Deng Yang did go public about the situation, stating that "Valor has opened up a gateway to Hell, and they better be prepared;" referring to Vietnam's link to SVER's main transport road, the Highway Zero (0). Highway 0 was built in 2021 to establish a link from China to Europe, and is now used primarily as a military road to transport large groups of troops and armored vehicles to the naval stations in South Vietnam. Military analysts had not considered the importance of this road when thinking about Valor's blocade of the region. It seems now that there is a highly questionable nature about Valor's position in the Far East, especially considering their reports that they are there to secure peace.
The only public statements made have been by the leaders of the three main PMCs. Priya Khan of the SVER Collective, had this to say;

Khan: "SVER will respond to agitation in every way conceivable. We will not back down. We are regimenting our bulk army of the Red Guard to Vietnam and the Far East, while stationing our 3C, OCS, and Red Star divisions in South America."
While Valor's Gregory Cavanaugh felt that,
Cavanaugh: "Valor's actions are completely justified. Our presence in the world is meant to establish peace, not to promote warfare. By blocading Vietnam and East Asian territories we are properly defending the economic utility of our Philipene and Korean allies."

Raven's Antoine Jeannette however managed to put things is a pretty understandable perspective;

Jeannette: "The world is like a tilted table. You can press on one end to give yourself an advantage, but it raises an alarm on the other end. We have no illusions about peace and warefare, they are natural symbiotic positions in time that necessitate each other. Peace necessitates conflict in order to resolve differences, while conflict necessitates peace."


  1. These are getting very good. You should do a story on in pmc fighting, As you read on the forums 3C and most of sver clans don't get along.

  2. Do not hesitate to send GNN information about clan battles, possible clan matchups, and dynamic shifts in contract they ALL contribute to how the news is developed.

    (For example, if you had been following the news you'd notice that Raven has been acquiring more territory ever since they rose into contract supremacy after the last patch, prior to 2.0)

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