Thursday, September 2, 2010

MAG Sales almost at 1M

Thanks to forum poster deenice619 we've learned that MAG is almost at the 900K mark in Worldwide Sales. This is really good news. The 1M mark is usually seen as successful and virtually guarantees support/a sequel from a developer. Since MAG is billed as a "platform" we're hoping that Zipper's support continues at an increasing rate. We're not certain if this puts MAG in the "Playstation 3 Classics" category (which would bring about a price drop) but we can hope.



  1. but how many people have sold thee game BACK? it's great that a game sells 1mil, but if it takes forever its not AS amazing as you make it to be

  2. If they have made almost the 1mil this posr claims then are updates they do so small? Is it cause they are scared to take a chance with the 10,000ish players theyve managed to keep? or is it this game is being a way to make money and promote for the development of socom4?