Monday, September 13, 2010

MAG Interviews: V-C's Bodymore

Recently we had the opportunity to interview V-C's Bodymore. A long-time clan officer. He spoke pretty bluntly about MAG's future, what he likes about his clan and why appealing to the casual fan hurt MAG.

SVER Guy: Despite having alot of very good players, V-C has a reputation for "trash talk" why so mouthy?

We don’t necessarily talk trash we are just extremely confident in our body of work and become very vocal about it. As a clan we like to take ownership of any land that any V-C boots stand on whether it be Syr Darya, Darien, and you better know that Copper Hills is just off limits. So if you are up against us you will know that you are trespassing and for that we shoot you in the face and tell you to go home in many different ways.  

There was a game where your Leader Big Bishop (who had vetted apparently) came over to SVER and basically told SVER to "kiss off" before he vetted home to Valor, was that really necessary?

So you heard about that. Well Big Bishop is a Former Member of V-C and Kushmir is the leader, and I really don’t feel comfortable answering a question about Bishop but I will say this, I understand his actions. But for your answer maybe you should ask Bishop reasoning for that incident.

So what's the OSG .vs. V-C score now? (sorry..couldn't help it)

We are about tied when it comes to regular MAG but… We officially owned them in the New Beta not once but twice. And we did let them know.

What’s your opinion on the new system that gives us three player slots?

 Not a fan of the 3 slots it completely takes the true loyalist out of the game.  I never vetted to another PMC and have no intention of ever vetting. I chose my PMC in the beginning with the knowledge of battling other PMCs. Joining alliances forming small armies to help of take over the world. But just like in the real world you have players playing multiple sides. And  I am way to loyal for that. Truth be told our core player are strictly Valor loyalist and the rest are those who defected because they got tired of getting shot in the face and screamed at.  

I contacted V-C Officer Kushmir for an interview but he declined and recommended you, why so?

Kushmir is the face of V-C he is our leader and he keeps us grounded. But me, I am the mouth of V-C and I was told that I have the tact of a charging bull with red sunglasses. If you want answers ask me I’ll give it to you straight with no chaser

What’s your take on the new in-game economy and separating skills and weapons?

I think it starts to create identities within MAG making the true vision of MAG com alive. Soldiers start to become individuals with talents and now they will have duties and they will be expected to maintain those duties. We all become specialist in our chosen field. And what I like about it is that fact that now we are going to have a designated car thief. And as far as that economy is concerned I love that I can get rid of my heavy armor for money, I don’t use that crap anyway so why pack it  give me the elbow and knee pads and lets roll. Speed is key in this game. Raven, you really need to read that last line again to all your heavy armor toting noobs.

Tell us how the community is influencing MAG. “Depairing” was a “forum idea” after all.

 There have been a lot of changes that have been great for the game but some have set it back. But I love how Zipper is keeping the game as  a work in progress.

If i said Playstation Home would have MAG features like detailed overhead view of maps and other goodies, what would you say?

I would say that you all would think that we were cheating because if we had more than what we have already created for ourselves. 

What's are your thoughts on a MAG Clan practice/training area?

MAG really needs a training area specifically helping the noob understand his weapons, assets, and rezkits. Personally I would like a firing range to test the capabilities of your weapons with the way you have your own soldiers attributes setup. It should have moving and stationary targets. But that’s what I want.

Baclavas. Yes or NO?

Yeah why not?

One of our most popular suggestions is a water map with boats and water bases, what’s your opinion?

Maybe an amphibious assault where you come in by water and leave by water creating evac points for vital info. Whoever retrieves that info becomes vital cargo and everyone on the teams has to escort you out. That could be cool. But I just hope something like that does not take away from the game but I am all for the advancement of the game.

When I say Clan Wars what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Finally Proof that we are better than you. After this people are going to search my stats and see that they are crap but I have those stats that really matter and that is the wins, that is all we care about.  

How often would you like to see new MAG content? Are you willing to pay for it?

I will pay because I believe in the game and I believe we need new major content ever 45 days to keep us interested. The first 6 months were rough having to find new ways to entertain ourselves with the game that got boring to others and then having to deal with the things that were not fixed and then adapting to the things that were.

When did you first notice MAG?

 I was told about the game when I was searching for a game to play while in gamestop. I was told that I get a copy of the beta access just by reserving a copy. Paid my 5 bucks just to play a game where they had massive maps with massive wars. I thought it was great just from the concept.

How do we stop team-killing?

We cant stop team killing because it is a part of the game. While we are talking about it I want my friendly knife back because some people deserve to be knifed. Like those people who are charging a known hostile objective and come to a screeching halt on some stair creating a choke point  aka "a funnel of death." I don’t want to die with a bunch of people in a straight line like it’s a mass execution. So for that reason alone I need to knife those who want to stop on stairs. I'm willing to sacrifice one for the progression of many.

Did you play in the First Beta? What were your impressions of MAG after playing in the BETA?

Absolutely hated it! I got killed so much I stop playing after about a week. And would come back from time to time. Just to see if its still up. But I never played a FPS until then. Took a lot of getting use to it. Now I would not play another game.

Who's you're biggest MAG nemesis, and why?

Non V-C in other PMCs. If you are not my friend you are my enemy and I look forward to shooting you in the face.

Why are you still an active MAG player?

My name is Bodymore and I’m a MAG-aholic. There are few games that have kept my attention over a few months but I love to play the game just because of the competitive nature. Getting better over the months and learning how to conquer different objectives better than the standard ways. I know for a fact that we have created standards that many follow to this day in the game. And we in V-C look forward to creating more for others to follow. That last statement may sound a little arrogant but people copy what works. And we get a lot of victories.

Describe your singular MAG experience.

My first time capping all three objectives in sabotage. More trash talk… (I mean extreme confidence) than normal was flowing that day. I let everyone know that day.

What's your worst MAG shame?

 My worst shame is not learning how to call strike from the beginning. I wanted to finally learn how to call strikes in the other matches so I started applying for leadership in acq and dom. Well I was in a acq match on elk bay and we had the bunker by the triple A and I had the CNI open because there were a lot of red dots by the triple A and then I see the red dots shifting to the right so I shift my strike to the right and push the button. Next thing I know I see -5,-10, -10, and -15. I killed 8 friendlys next to my own bunker. All I heard in my headset was body what you do. I think I killed everyone of my clan mates because they killed everyon of the red dots that I saw. And they won’t let me forget it.

Vote-to-Demote? Yay or Nay?

Definite Yay. Platoon and Squad leaders should be able to demote the OIC.

Do the helicopter respawns need fixing?

Sure. It should not be a stationary target way to easy to take down but I believe that it should fixed maybe one day it will happen.

Should we be able to fire our weapons when we’re parachuting in?

I am a fan of the game but I would like other thing to be fixed before that. Just watch out for the bullets for now.

If you could have one dream "game type" what would it be?

 Let's see my amphibious extraction idea in the earlier question, but just to go a bit deeper that person becomes the cargo and have a computer attached to there body which they would not be able to bleed out until the info is gone. So they will be able to be rezed until the download of the stolen info was taken back. So whole squads would have to move together to take care of the vital cargo and whole squad would have to move together to stage a setup area while they undownload the info in which they have to return it back to base. That may be cool.

People seem to be enamored with a Hostage/VIP/Escort game mode, what say you?

 I like those game modes but I don’t think that is for MAG I would rather have the ability to conquer territories and they become property of the PMC and if we have the contracts in our possession we rename it. I would love for SYR DARYA to be renamed Valor-topia and darien could be Copper Hills South. Just a thought.

How would you resolve the lower player numbers?

To be real I would just appeal to the hardcore fan. The hardcore fan loves MAG for what MAG is. That is a team-based FPS and its not COD and hopefully it will never be. Numbers will stay strong because there are plenty of hardcore fans that love the game and I believe the base will mixed with the potential of future updates with draw bigger crowds.

What new MAG content would you like to see?

 Better training modes, better clan support and sticking to the original thought of 3 PMCs fighting over contracts. Neutral maps look like they are moving from the third one. I think that would be a big mistake.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard over Proximity?

The best thing that I ever heard was "behind you!" it was said about 7 consecutive times when I was knifing my way through the resupply in copper hills. It’s the funniest thing when you knife a whole squad without them even knowing it.

If there was one change you could make to MAG what would it be?

The response time to our request or at least he acknowledgement or our request. We get excited when we hear that something we suggested so that there is something to look forward to.

In your opinion, what is MAG's greatest strength?

The concept itself is MAGs greatest strength. The fact that we had a shooter with 256 players in one game was the most interesting thing about the game which drew me to it.

What weakness hurt MAG the most?

 Catering to the noob to much. A lot of people have invested in Zippers dream. Most in our clan have a minimum of 400 hours played and we want to see progress when needed because we have put in the time and we want to be able to see the changes that we suggested.

Does MAG have cheaters?

 Every game has cheaters but that is something that we take pride in playing the game with integrity. When we found out about the glitching into the machine we always told our people to kill yourself because we will not be known as cheaters.

Ghillie suit for snipers, Yay or Nay?

 I would love to see them but that would take the stealth mode to a whole new level. And it should weigh more that the heavy armor but protect like the fiber mesh. It would be adaptable to any terrain but that would need to be worked out in different ways because I honestly can’t see a use for it in SYR DARYA but in the DARIEN it would be great. So I say YAY but its at the risk of the user.

What's the best thing about being in V-C?

The best thing about being V-C is that we started as a great group of players that came from different clans that made a united clan hence the name Valor Coalition. We are all friends from all walks of life with members in at least 6 different countries. Ireland, Scotland, England, Mexico, Canada, and US. We created our own personal UN in a video game. And we are looking to expand so if you speak English and you live in Japan trust and believe we will welcome you into the clan. We will properly give you a “ Arigato gozai mas “ every time you grace us with your presence and give you a “Na men nai yo” when ever you mess up. We take our clan very seriously but we love to have fun, but winning and making sure our name is known as being a hard out is all we care about.


  1. You owned us twice?

    First of all, I've never heard of you.

    Second of all, you may have owned one or two of us in squad, if it was an entire squad, I would've heard about it. Stop spreading lies just to get your clan over.

  2. What’s your opinion on the new system that gives us three player slots?

    Not a fan of the 3 slots it completely takes the true loyalist out of the game.


    What about this true loyalist? I've got 3 Valor characters.

  3. hey Alyoyo we must have won those game too fast for you to even see it, sorry next time we will slow down for you! Oh and it was 8 of you!

  4. Pics or it didn't happen. You would think with the volume of losses you have, you would take pictures of the games you ACTUALLY win.

  5. Dude I got pics at least of any own-age of V-C of your super-groups with only 6 OSG, are you serious and I wasn't even in that game? They were posted on our forums and I don't call beating a couple of OSG guys a victory. We beat you with full squads on every map of MAG except the beta. Interdiction when you were hiding in the APC in the brick hut on Raven's map...Really dude you want to start this again? Challenge the OSG don't flame them. You know what happens when a full squad of us are against ya. OR did they give you guys another armchair oversea'r ribbon in the church who you going to send up there now. Even Kushmir has more respect than what you just posted....2 OSG and its a victory over our clan...We have beat 2 dark flocks before 2 UP$ guys before 2 of this 2 of that...Man I don't know what to say.....You guys are awesome....WOW I AM IMPRESSED...V-C are the best....

  6. Just to make you OSG guys happy, next time we'll make sure to take plenty of pictures to appease your egos. Settle down OSG. Everyone wins some, and everyone will loose some. V-C has their days and I'm sure you have yours. It's not like Body said we wiped up the floor with you everytime we battled. He said we were TIED. TIED! And that right now we're leading you in the MAG beta. Go back and read the interview again before you start going off at the sock.

    Officer of V-C

  7. Some no name clan that likes to fabricate things like playing us in the beta. I think we've had a whole squad in the beta ONCE, ever.

    A no name clan that died when Niteshade, Supreme, Wack-a-Noob, and Stewie left the clan for the Dark Flock.

  8. You V-C guys should Join the so we don't have to type your names anymore and be one of the clans on the list.

  9. We are rivals with OSG??? There garbage, we need to find some better rivals.

    V-C never died, Niteshade isn't very good, the only reason he got in the flock was because of Supreme. Stewie lives in Europe, so we never played with him. And we easily replaced supreme and wack-a-noob with are recent recruiting.

    V-C Officer

  10. im still waiting for my interview
    i shall talk about my banishment from the forums about clans ive played with and against.
    guaranteed to have a twist at the end. and i will reveal my alt with a high kdr =)

  11. better rivals how bout you stop avoiding the question 3C vs V-C? and q up

  12. The question was never asked terror. We always accept challenges, and we would be glad to q sync with yall.

    V-C officer

  13. bodymore gets an interview before the face of the franchise? wow

  14. you got more losses then me retart and we never take pics of clans that suck so we dont have you on our list but if you would like to see then come to our website and you will see all the clans that you guys can never match to also we never supergroup we at most have 9 in a squad.

  15. V-C is a bunch of 1 KDR LMG scrubs who couldn't kill their way out of a paper bag. You will never match up to us, you will never EVER beat us. I'm putting some bulletin board material for you losers, YOU. ARE. ABSOLUTE. ONE. HUNDRED. PERCENT. GARBAGE. Bring your LMG's, hopefully Kushmir brings his awesome 1.07 KDR this week, hopefully Bodymore brings his .83 KDR, bring all of your high and mighty attitudes, and OSG will knife them all away.

  16. my kdr

    flo's kdr

    luis kdr

    crop's kdr

    drk's kdr

    cure's kdr

    Do i need to keep listing Alyoyo??? heres your 1.56 kdr which we all have beat.

  17. I will still absolutely dominate every single one of you. I've beaten a lot better than you guys, trust me.

  18. Well what about that game we just played yall in??? 8 v 8 Major Victory and you rage quit at the end lol, man up and finish the game with your guys next time. And yes now we have pictures, i'll be sure and put them up for yall to see.

    Once i'm done uploading the pics i'll put a link to are site.

    V-C Officer

  19. Alyoyo,

    I know it's hard for you to talk all that trash, then get rolled the very next day by this "worthless" clan that you "never" heard of. To back out at the end though, only to avoid the public shame of your name up there. How sad, and the guys you were playing with all know you were in the game. We have been beaten by lesser clans than yours, but not one of us backed out. I know maybe two V-C that use the LMG, and I don't know that any of us use armor anywhere near the stuff your "supreme clan of killers" uses. I thought you guys just came back from an expedition on Mt. Everest. We'll wait for some current pics of you "Dominating" us.

    As far as the members we've parted ways with, don't kid yourself about their value. If they were working out they wouldn't be gone. And we have plenty of pics of V-C putting them down. At least they're good sports about it.

    I'll save you the trouble of looking up my weekly stats (though they said 0.0 yesterday), I have a 1.30 KDR, 1.6? for the month, 1.7? for the week, 77% W/L. Not a "great" player at all, but I went 29-17 against your heavy armored "super-killers". Heard of us now ?

  20. Here are the pics from tonight, enjoy!!!

  21. Oh hey, I guess I have a correction to make. My weekly KDR is 2.02 and my W/L is 87%. Not great, but I'm improving. I have respect for the OSG members that stayed in that game, GG.

    I have 1 kill with an LMG, and only because I had to kill another target while resupplying off of a corpse. Strictly an SMG user that recently switched to an AR. Lightweight (not even improved) armor, no electronics. Truth is we aren't as bad as you think, and you aren't as good as you think.

  22. I gave you some bulletin board material, now that we got you guys serious and somewhat close to our level, we'll actually give a shit next time.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Why can't you just accept the lose and say good game? As for the 7 loyal OSG guys, good game to yall, it was alot of fun.

    btw, you may have to register on are site to see the pics.

  25. Man, please, cut the crap. We won. That's all that matters. & yeah, U quit, I don't know why, but maybe U can let us know.

    About the KDR, I'll give U a faster way to check it:

    I'm not saying that we have the best KDR, but we beat U easy & by far.

    About the pictures, I'll give U the pictures, so U don't have to go & register on V-C's website:

    & I'm not saying that we are the best clan, I know we all have won & lost many matches. But now U can't say U never heard of us nor U R better than us.


  26. I love how you had to take pictures, therefore you obviously recognize us as the superior clan. Appreciate it guys. Celebrate this win, go have a couple victory drinks because this is your biggest win your clan has ever had! Tell your moms to bring you some more Sunny D in a big boy cup and DRINK IT UP FELLAS.

  27. lol @ alyoyo.
    Really, LOL!!!!!!

    Do U remember who said "Pics or it didn't happen."

    Oh, wait, it was U. We usually don't take pictures, cuz.... well, we only care that we won, no matter against who.

    Lately, we start to take pictures cuz a lot of people, like U know who, said that they never heard of V-C & stuff like that. Besides, we need some propaganda, now that we R recruiting.

    If U check the pictures, U'll see that we had better scores than U all. U were close to negative KDR, none of U got Grim Reaper, what else do U need.

    & we didn't took U all too serious. We have faced better clans. The Dark Flock is way better than U.


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Obviously Dark Flock is better than us. We never said they weren't. We beat better clans on the regular, but you know what, one time out of 100, the glass slipper fits. So congrats on that Valor-Cinderellas, The Fairy Kushmir turned the pumpkin into a coach, turned your Valor rags into beautiful gown, and you got back by midnight. Next time, you won't make it back by midnight, because you'll be laying down behind your own red line.

  30. Again, LOL!!!!!!
    U R going deeper every time.

    Looks like U believe in miracles & coincidences. Well, we don't.

    I'm a V-C officer, & Kush (Our leader) wasn't here to see U all fell down.

    & we'll see if what U say may be posible. Just remember what U said "Pics or it didn't happen."

    BTW, next time don't quit. Be a man! Ur clannmates stayed. To ur teammates, Good game! it was really fun.


  31. sigh...the MAG Gods can be sooo cruel. after all that childish talk you queue up and get MANHANDLED? and then Rage Quit? that's SAD Alyoyo..i guess we can add you to the list of opponents with NO HONOR who run from a real all our battles with you guys no one's ever BAILED. until now...

    just pitiful. ur lucky i'm not dv8hitman or some of the others in OSG because you'd be GONE. we don't tolerate quitters in V-C. and on that note your no longer an opponent. go RAGE QUIT someplace else.

  32. LOLZ, OMG, F'N HILARIOUS...BABY MAMA DRAMA.LOL. I never thought much of PDIGGY but after self-annointing yourself "face of the franchise" I think you have got potential. GOOD ONE. Congratulations on a good victory V-C and on having integrity.

  33. Why is V-C afraid of us? I asked like 20 times to Q^

    and Kushmir keps avoiding my question

    This TERROI2iST from 3C

  34. afraid? please keep in mind its a videogame...the bullets aren't real...remember?

    you know it's interesting that Cy would talk about having integrity up above. I have to be honest, in my eyes (and in the eyes of most MAG players) 3C has NONE. I keep avoiding your question because you're not worthy of a response.

    you guys INVENTED Rage-Quitting and trying to skew stats by leaving games. You've quit out on us more than once. even TerrorBob admitted you guys "supposedly" recently stopped bailing (which i doubt, honestly)

    If we see you in game? GREAT. but queuing up so you can waste our time and "bail" at the first sign of trouble?


  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. @alyoyo you are a funny dude you come here trash talk us and then when we beat you in a game you rage (which you are not dening so it must be true) and now you are still saying you are better then us may i remind you that through the hole game our valor blue dots lost A and NEVER got it back and we held B for the WHOLE game even when we had some of your friends comming from B and too make it all better you say that it is a one in a million well that must happen alot cause this is not the 1st game we beat you and it will not be the last!

  37. well V-C voted and 3C you're getting your wish. if you're there to begin the game?

    be there at the end. WIN OR LOSE.

  38. I would like to take a moment to say:

    I have never seen Terrorist, Jumpman, and at least one other 3C quit-out of a game I've been in, even when they're losing.

    Kudos to Terrorist and the two 3C that didn't quit that game last night. Nobody ever touched B (our objective) and we spent most of our time coming over to A (where we found the 3C guys) for some extra action. Personally I had a not so great game, but the win was what matters. I will say that considering the amount of randoms in that game I was surprised that A was never taken as well. Both letters stayed Blue for the duration. A was planted a couple times, but B was never touched by an enemy.


  39. well said UFO, gotta say i was surprised about how little the objectives were genuinely attacked...but i digress. we all have our own reasons for playing the game.

    for the record, this: "Yeah, I quit out of that match, because I was infuriated with my own squad of OSG." (posted by Alyoyo on the MAG boards) is UNACCEPTABLE. i'm proud to say no one in V-C would ever throw his clanmates under the bus like this. You'd have been an ex-clanmate faster than you can say "Yoyo". i'm shocked dv8 and the others haven't checked you ASAP. gotta say i'm proud that we lose AS A TEAM in V-C. and we don't bail on our boys. anything to prevent having people see mr-hot-shot-super-killer go negative I suppose. little harder getting those grims against real clans, huh?


  41. LOL!!!!!

    Alyoyo, I think I already told U that we don't believe in miracles.

    & if Kush stays in the church, well, that's his problem. At least he wins staying inside a church.

    But pleas, move on, OSG lost. Better luck next time. & maybe OSG is good, but U R not, Alyoyo.

    About the 3C match, im not calling no 1 nothing, I just wanna know the date, since I haven't seen posted anything from 3C since Kush said that we voted yes.


  42. careful gentlemen, resolve it virtually. THANK YOU.

  43. too funny. I love it when these tools tell on themselves in front of everyone. might want to look up "hiding" definition its to try to escape from and avoid detection. I didn't hide up there lad, i CHOSE that position, remember? and if me being up there bothers you THAT much?

    BY ALL MEANS...feel free to come remove me. I go light armor with a silenced AR--shouldn't be hard at all for a big hot-shot killer like you with "stats" like those. btw, when your MAG Ranking can save you from hail of gunfire you be sure to let me know, ok?

  44. @MAG Worlwide:
    I think that's what we R trying to do man. If any V-C says something that U R not okay with, well, let us know. Our intention is not to.....

    Well, I think U got me.