Monday, September 6, 2010

MAG Interviews: Sithis goes In (part 2)

Here's Part 2 of our interview with 3C's Sithis.

MWW – But it’s been said that 3C only plays Sabo. That you’re never IN any other gametypes.

Sithis - Sabo is our favorite gametype we do play others especially directives for the double XP. The reason for sabo is you have more control of the outcome of the game.In a game like Dom your at the mercy of the other blue dots.

MWW - What about Acquisition?

Sithis - Yup, same thing although we pretty much got it down where we put half our 3C team on one side and send half to the other,which usually is enough to hold the enemy back.

MWW - Defending you mean?

Sithis - Yes,attacking we just plow through.

MWW - Top 5 SVER clans?

Sithis - Oh God...LMAO you're gonna get me in trouble mister.

MWW - Is it hard? Honesty is the best policy :)

Sithis- So is this of all-time or current?

MWW - Current

Sithis - Ok..3C, R*S, I don't know if Ro. is still a clan but they would be my third choice,RG and S!K.

MWW - Huh? no OSG?

Sithis - I haven't played with them much, but i know that Alyoyo went to them so why not throw them up at third? I'm pretty sure Ro. died.

MWW - Got It.Ok, so you played with DiscardedJoker in the IGN Tourney. Honestly, how'd he win it?

Sithis - First of all id like to add Joker is a phenomenal gamer. His stats on CoD are amazing and he's sponsored by Turtle Beach.

MWW - Turtle beach?

Sithis - Turtle Beach makes those hardcore gamer headsets used at MLG (Major League Gaming) matches. Anyway, If you ask any honest 3C member when you play with us your stats go up way more than if you were playing with any other mediocre clan. Joker's workplace got destroyed so he was on a long vacation when the tournament started so time to play was not an issue.We surrounded him with good players and the rest is history. Many people complained he was boosting with the resurrections.

MWW - You're saying he won it legit and fair and square? No Boosting?

Sithis - Nope, he was all legit (I refuse to let glitchers of any kind in my clan
i even hate the stupid fun ones people like to do) If you check his kills they were among the highest and he didn't even have the most playing hours!

MWW- I see. So tell me the clans that need to get OUT of SVER.

Sithis - That's easy, STB they are trash-talking garbage who get put in their place and still talk it up. (there is an example)

MWW - Who else?

Sithis - Honestly we have no problem with anyone else, in fact we help members that don't make the cut.We refer them to other sver clans they might enjoy.

MWW - Not Bad. So what was 3C's greatest weakness?

Sithis - Name me any elite clan and theie will be old 3C members in it.
I've always wanted to post a statement saying if we cut the drama,if all the 3C members stayed in 3C? MAG would be so dull with no one to challenge us.

MWW - The Drama? Tell me about it. Who, Why, When and Where?

Sithis - LMAO. It was too much. Big players = Big ego. Enough said.

MWW - Not even a hint?

Sithis - Maybe one day i'll give you a list of my Top Drama starters.

MWW- Agreed. Ok, so if clan wars go down today, gimme your top 5 finishers..

Sithis - Other than 3c?

MWW - Tell me who finishes top five, sure..

Sithis - Up$, ARx, O(o, GUN, R*S, not exactly in that order.

MWW - Nope. i want the ORDER.

Sithis - 3C, O(o, ARx, Up$, R*S, GUN.

MWW - who's O(o?

Sithis - New clan on raven called Omnipotent headed up by Ex-3C member Moejoe.

MWW - Moejoe was 3C too? We thought he was Up$?

Sithis - He was 3C but then he couldn't handle sver guns when they got nerfed so he went to Valor. We stayed. Unlike 6D9 we don't sell out.

MWW - WHOAH, no pulling punches huh? So you'd never leave SVER?

Sithis - If I did it would be because the clan voted it so, not to try and please one member. but honestly I never see it happening.

MWW - Some people would say its because SVER is easy mode. Respond to that.

Sithis - I've said it a million times and please quote me on this 3C = Easy Mode. No matter where we go we win, if that proves anything, it proves its the players that win the matches not the maps or the guns.

MWW - Go on.

Sithis - I think you remember me wanting to try out for 6D9 so I could see what its like to have to work for a win.

MWW - Right.

Sithis - Can u give me sver guys psn?

MWW - hahahaha. i'll ask him first, cool?

Sithis - Awwww ur no fun.If you're not down with sver's top clan something needs to be "worked out" (laughs)

MWW - I just wanna ask him first, I'm sure he'll say OK, rumor is he's in OSG. He's pretty hardcore saying you guys quit out alot.why does everyone say that? Coincedince?

Sithis - Nope. Anyone we found who rage quits has been kicked (this has been contradicted by many former 3C members-one mentioned the quitting has stopped for about a month)

MWW - Worked out? Careful, I'm pretty sure OSG doesn't take kindly to team-killing of their members.

Sithis - LOL. I don't get intimidated by pettier clans
OSG is more casual gamers, they should stop spreading smack.

MWW - Pettier? You're not scared of anyone are you? We couldn't help but notice you refused to mention The Dark Flock in your Top 5 clan wars finishers (they're widely viewed as MAG's best clan) why?

Sithis - MAG's best? LMAO!!!!Best liked probably. They are the complete opposite of us. We talk smack and spread evil, they are little saints and nice and good to everyone.

MWW - Ok.

Sithis - Do you really think anyone in their right minds is gonna say the clan they hate is the best? NO WAY.

MWW - Got it.

Sithis - Anyway they've lost their edge.

MWW - How so?

Sithis - Last week, seven 3C took down thirteen Dark birds. NO CONTEST. I was very disappointed.I have pictures to prove it.

MWW - You're saying they had you outnumbered 2 to 1 and you still beat them?

Sithis - EASY. You've got to realize, our name was soiled when we dominated the IGN Tournament. We were getting team killed left and right for 2 months afterwards.

MWW - I see. So the IGN tourney ruined it all? That's pretty profound.

Sithis - Yup, kind of the start of a slippery slope. After that we were boosters, then glitchers, then hackers, then rage quitters, now we have people saying we use aim bots. If you haven't figured out right now we're the most hated in mag for a reason. Our reputation is legendary. We give people a common enemy and make MAG more interesting for ourselves and other people and I'm down! WE DON'T MIND A BIT.


  1. I'd like to see these pictures.

  2. R*S top 5? lmao , they are like 5th or 6th best SVER clan. 3C #1.2-6 in no order H8T,OSG,TGA,RG and PPH. Then R*S maybe I think spec ops might be better than them.

    @the guy who posted 1st psn please

  3. Dark flock is nice to everyone?

    Psh they are a buncha bunny hopping exploiters.

  4. Hmm, every time I've played Sithis he's gone 0-0-0, or wasn't there.... -shrugs-

    I'd also like to see the pictures, then maybe I can post mine too >:]

    This is MUD

  5. Dark Flock is nice to everyone? LOL You don't know Mud, Grimace and Niteshade!! They're positively evil!!! :p

  6. @Terrorist
    Not defending anyone, but R*S isn't that bad. But seriously I think that they only make the top 10, not really top 5.

  7. Hahaha f you Terrorist you fag you even said we was top 5 material And your leader even says the same lol don't get butt hurt!

  8. 3Cs best players are actually pretty cool and don't talk trash... they leave it on the field.

    Unfortunately their "leader" is a complete scrub riding the coat tails of Jump, Terrorist, etc

  9. Sithis is so pro he dies 10 times in a single match to a sniper within 30 feet and then has the audacity to yell out "get a real weapon!" lolololz


    btw this is PDIGGY22

  11. No PDIGGY22, no1 wants your stupid interview. Don't really know if you have fans.

  12. lol at people thinking Arx flock 3c 6d9 0)o are better then us

  13. LMAO i havent even see sithis playing with 3C he has let the clan go to shit!

    Jump and Terrorist are the biggest trash talkers of 3C. Seeing jump comparing his stats to people to prove something and Terrorist is just MEGA TROLL. And if those deserter ribbons were real im sure that jumpman would have the most in the world along with the best W/L ratio.

  14. every interview mentions my clan, we are the talk of the town

  15. And warlyik still gets out killed and outscored despite camping back and sniping while his team is attacking you've lost your edge!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. 3C > Up$ you just fed off of ex-3C members and now you lost your best man that's tragic

  18. @Dread Father

    I've never been outscored by a 3C member. gg

  19. @Mud how old are those pics because I don't remember the flock beatingus since I joined maybe you have but I don't remember.


    R*S is garbage, sithis also thought Hunglo left 3C when he is still in it. R*S and you are cowards who are afraid to Q^. You guys are afraid of GUN,UP$ and Arx.

  20. Certainly made me lol...

  21. @nitro you are illiterate I never said R*S was top 5.

  22. I have no clue, there somewhere on our site though. I'd find them, but I could really careless about what people think about us. I've asked to see these pictures before, and I've never got to :\. Love us - sweet. Hate us - sweet. But Sithis is a funny guy, lol.

  23. Hung-lo did leave for a bit

  24. I totally forgot about PPH and H8T both very good clans

  25. Terrorist you did i cant remember where it is and i dont care point is you did and your leader thinks we are aswell. I have outkilled 3C and outscored them so idgaf even tk'd you guys and still got first place MVP. You only have a few cool guys legit and im struggling to think of anymore

  26. Nitro I never said R*S was top 5. R*S did Q^ before when they played with us becuase your leader knew we could carry R*S garbage against ARx and CSM. Now you guys don't because your leader knows he doesn't have us(3C) to carry R*S garbage.

    BTW your leader told you to stop sending me messages lol but you didn't. Your leader told you guys not Q^ and you listened. i wonder why you listen to nano on certain stuff hmmm.....oh yeah you guys are a bunch of p******

  27. So wait did i miss something R*S is talking shit to 3C? LMAO are you out of your mind?

  28. nitro you mean this

    and this


  29. 3C was on top in that Q^ you guys had more but we did better nitro.

    Now answer me this

    Why do you listen to nano when he tells you not to Q^ but when he tell you to stop messaging me, you disobey you daddy nano.

  30. @ dark flock... i got pics of you all not doing to well against us in a sabo. a few of you guys even went negative.

  31. nitro why do you guys wine so much? i mean you got us all in trouble on the forums when yall do the same fucking thing on other peoples threads. seriously.. GROW THE FUCK UP

  32. Uh oh Nitro getting a little over confident forgot his place 3C and R*S always have got along but now you decide to trash talk the #1 clan in SVER and MAG.

    Wow next time ill think before i throw your clan a bone I didnt know you would let it get to your head.

  33. @anonymous

    I hope you put those pictures to great use and post them and tell us we suck so that you can feel accomplished and think we care so much, and that you hurt us so deeply that we'll quit MAG forever. Because, ya' know - it's not like you (whoever you are) have ever loss before, and you never will; so you won't ever have to think about being on the other end of the spectrum.



  34. i had no problem with you guys at all. i actually remember R*S and 3C getting along and grouping up together, but something happened. i dnt really care but nano is a lil bitch for reporting us.

  35. Terrorists my bitch :PSeptember 6, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    Lmao no you guys came whining on our thread then fuckin osg comes crying and gets our shit locked.

    I havent been on other clans threads for ages last time i did it was on TBA. Why the fuck would i want to post in your fuckin thread and bump it to the top lol. Also wtf has it got to do with u nite hawk is it cause there in your clan?

  36. honestly wouldnt you have your clanmates back? i know you got nanos back. lol

  37. and i put that in our post cause i knew you were watching it. lol :)

  38. Can't Stop Won't Stop being a cuntSeptember 6, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    Yeah but i have done this off my own lol :D

    And yeah im waiting for someone to come in to our thread :D

  39. it wasn't 16, I don't where you come up with this number when you guys were afaid to even Q^ with UP$ and R*S did Q^ before. Now they don't becuase 3C can't carry them :(.

    I was there when he wanted you guys to Q^ with UP$. Nano was like Jump you gonna help us or somethinh like that. Jump said no and nano said I don't feel like Q^ with UP$ right now.

    Like I said Nano is okay with R*S Q^ as long he had us to carry his garbage clan.

    Oh yeah Clik your R*S biggest pussy. You remind me of a 3rd grader. You like to talk smack but when its time to fight, you run to the principal(mods) and your dad(nano)

  40. It's true i've left matches with red star where we were clearly winning, because a majority of them piss me off with their current chatter about bull shit in matches (this excludes nanofied,garfield,bahamut,illusive,and smokey) but the rest of you guys are just a nightmare to play with in game. Thats actually why i left the clan to begin with seeing as it was getting too big, and filled with less than spectacular players.

    @ the darkflock we did have a match about a week and half ago where 3C did beat you outnumbered and grezkev from RG can attest to that seeing as he provided me with GL cover as I quad knifed four of you allowing terrorbob to get the plant for the win. that match wasn't a cake walk at all.

    I like though how 3C generated so much buzz for this blog.

  41. before legit left the first time around 3c got along with everyone after that it all went to shit haha

  42. 3C gets along just fine with ARx AIR Flock, Up$, Omni,H8T,PPH RG, and even Alyoyo

  43. My W/L ratio is high enough to take multiple hits without sinking below 10. It's rare i lose a match, but I do lose like everyone else. I didn't leave rasta and dez on valor. I vetted first followed by callaway, but i wasn't going to wait around for people to lvl up. I left valor, and made my own clan on Raven after meeting up with some of the best players that have since left MAG.

  44. Dark Flock? Dark Flock has too many players to be considered the "best clan in MAG". I don't think I've ever been in a game with a Dark Flock member where I didn't beat that member, or the multiple members, in experience, kills, and KDR.

  45. 59 members and we've been a clan since Nov. '09

    We're huge, let me tell you.

  46. why everyone starting drama chill out damn

  47. 1 word sums up this entire page - Drama.

  48. Spade, can you play MAG Beta if you have a broken disc?

  49. thats what im saying stewie lol its stupid

  50. i can play some but after like an hour or two my ps3 crashes and i cant play shit

  51. when people call people hacker, cheats and specially rage quitters,, its usually for a reason, not becuase of hate. And i know for a fact 3c rage quit. Been in game with them where they getting redlined by basically unknowns, and rage quit, was about amonth ago. And was a full squad of 3c, I would know, i was in 3c at the time.

  52. Love Playing With Darf Flock And RS When they were Raven Of Course! Always Won When They Were In Our Platoon or Game! & Of Course You Have To Remember People Have Crap Games Also, So Just Because They Did Bad One Game Doesn't Mean Theyre Crappy Players! Ive Played Agaisnt 3C Always A Good Challenge On The Battlefield! Sometimes We Lose, Sometimes We Win! Care To Look Me Up? BigMuss63 Of Ravens EYE.

  53. Dark Flock* Sorry About That

    lolz reminds me of NITRO356

  55. updated with the 3C/TDF pics. senseless and classless comments will be deleted.

  56. Scrruuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbsss

  57. Hah, now I remember that game. I don't know the exact count on each side (I was playing Zombies along with Grimace, Wicked, and a friend at the time) -- but I can tell you that's not from last week, lol. That was after I got 60 on Raven after vetting, so Like 8/10/10 or somewhere around there.

    Is that the game I heard something about a squad of R*S, or RG or something? Nonetheless, GG (I guess, even though I wasn't there - lol.)


  58. My god you should have to pass an IQ test to post on the internet.

    Bu then 98% of trafficking would be gone, including this blog.

  59. @ Warlyik
    i guess you've never been outscored by 3C
    guess i cant read the scores on the pics

  60. @Bigmuss63 EYE Would never wwin vs 3C.. I would take myself and one member of 3C vs a squad or more of you guys and bet we win. As for the other guys in here trying to bash on 3C I have a few words for you. I know its hard to be in the shadow of such a talented clan. I know sometimes you want to break down and cry after you play vs 3C. I know that your going to hate on us.. I mean if I was YOU I would hate on 3C to. Lets just hope someday that you will be able to learn how to play shooters and maybe just maybe be good enough to make it into 3C. Dont count on it though. :D

    ~ DocJokin

  61. I also have a song for the non 3C members in here.

    I really hope you listen to it.

    ~ DocJokin

  62. Preteen girls have a monopoly on drama. You're going to have to pay the superficial bickering tax if you want to continue your rabbling.

  63. Your score screenshot is not the same game as our scores.

    Wanna know how I know? Because Sithis went 19-10 in the game I was in. I blew him to pieces and he raged over the mic. Same with most of the rest of you.

    Good job posting the wrong screenshot. xjumpman wasn't even in that game.

  64. I dont care what anyone says if you have some great players but they all or most have bad attitudes then it looks bad on your whole clan. Thats why 3c is a joke to me they have way to many players that think they are gods gift to the gaming world. In which if that was the case they would get out of their parents basement and be working to make games not play them.

    Its all about attitude a good one will take you a long way in life.(and in mag)

  65. To bad warlyik sucks..

  66. @ Anonymous that tried to bash on 3C. I suggest you refer to my above post. You should probably listen to the song aswell.

    ~ DocJokin

  67. I'm not saying they are, but what if that 2nd picture is a picture of those guys getting their scores by playing randoms, and saying that it was against the other people?

  68. SiCk SonG DoC
    @ warlyik
    the glare seems to be in the same spot so i guess sithis always takes pics with that same glare

  69. look at the glare you idiots
    in the pics there all the same, but i guess people who just hate wouldnt notice that.
    SVER_ Sithis_ and pitzombie have the same points in the 2nd pic as they have in the 3rd
    so anonymous i see why you're hiding being that name because you're ignorant

  70. Furthermore, TERRORIST was in the game. Pitzombie was not.

    Additionally, saying "2nd pic and 3rd pic match" doesn't say anything about the first pic. The glare in the first pic is noticeably different than either in the 2nd or 3rd pics.

    Way to ruin whatever reputation you had left. xjumpman can confirm that the last time we were ever in a game together was back about 2 months ago when he joined in the last minutes of the Acquisition match where you lost. He was not in the game where you screened Flock scores.

    Now, you can either continue lying, or you can give it up and save yourself from embarrassment.

  71. Haha. Terror, put your glasses on man. You really think that glare is in the same spot in the first picture compared to the 2nd, 3rd?

    Also, Sithis never changed the name of the pictures -- so they are named by the camera.

    they are recorded in order, the ~^~ ends in 14, the 3C ones end in 25 and 26.

    So that means after Sithis took the picture of ~^~, he took 11-12 more photos. After those 11/12 photos, THEN he took pictures of 3C's score. Seems strange, doesn't it?

  72. @DocJokin
    I Think Its Wrong To Say That EYE Would Never Win Against 3C... Why Do You Put EYE Down? Just Wondering... Is It Because We Dont Care What KDR Our Members Have? Or How Many Times They Have Vetted? Im Sorry I Dont Own Any Camera Of Any Sort To Have Taken Pictures Of Those Matches We Have Won Against 3C, But Believe Me Or Not I Know We Have Won Against 3C In Sabo And Aqui! Now Dont Get Me Wrong 3C Has Alot Of Talent In Their Clan! Thats What Their Clan Is About! They Only Recruit Elites, Killers, And That Sort! I Love Playing Against Them Like I Said In My Previous Post, Its Always A Challenge! But Every Clan Will Have Great Players Who Work As A Team. EYE Has Numerous Great Players And We Always Work As A Team! And Most Of The Time Teamwork Is All That You Need To Take Down A Rival Clan! So Please Don't Say EYE Couldnt Win Against 3C Because It Isnt Impossible, Just Harder!
    P.S I Think You Made Me My MAG Tag, So Thanks Again For That! xD

    Sincerely BigMuss63

  73. first of all i have referring to the pics to the idiot hiding behind anonymous not saying his name.
    he said "I'm not saying they are, but what if that 2nd picture is a picture of those guys getting their scores by playing randoms, and saying that it was against the other people?"
    dude i have no reason to lie on forums this isnt my life
    if my memory serves me well that game was played in darrien network we were attacking and we beat you guys, and no that game wasnt over too month ago because pitzombie and jvon had just joined
    less than a month ago.
    so dont try to say your reputation you had left and all that bs when you obvioulsy dont know what you're talking about

  74. wow you are dumb obviously the glares not gonna be in the same spot, does it look like all the pics are taken at the same angle some are crooked while others are straight

  75. No, Terrorbad, we were attacking SVER Sabo on B side in that match. You have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

  76. 58388_571868773297_6607153_33074314_901458_Cn.jpg
    are you talking about these numbers?
    the bottom 2 pics numbers are way off and they're obviously the same

  77. calling me bad when all you do is snipe
    i dont think i've ever seen you rush in into any objective when i've played with you

  78. I'm assuming that the part about you saying it's not from 2 months ago is a reference to what I said. so:

    "That was after I got 60 on Raven after vetting, so Like 8/10/10 or somewhere around there."

    8/10 is less then a month ago. So thank you for telling me what I knew, Terror. As I said, I wasn't in that game, but I remember it -- because I was in our text chat. Me, Grim, Wicked were playing Nazi Zombies whilst getting bitched at because we weren't on MAG when "we played 3C on Darien" -- So thank you for telling me when the game was.

  79. so it was played on darien and we did beat you correct?

  80. Yes, those numbers. Good boy.


    Now, look in between the asterisks.

    Do you see the number? That is the picture number that cameras assign. So on that card, that [the ~^~ picture] was the 14th. The other two [the 3C pictures] were the 25/26th photos taken on that card.

  81. @ Anonymous

    Are you "we" as in 3C? (MAG Worldwide, the anonymous thing was a rather dumb idea) If so, I remember hearing about that, yes. As I said -- I wasn't there, but I heard we lost with like 2min left or something?

  82. sorry this is terrorbob it takes too long to keep writing my name
    but yea it was played over like 2 weeks but come on sithis has other things going on,so he was mistaken but we did beat you guys.

  83. I have the photo's from TDF 3C match from a week and a half ago, but I deleted 1 because i wanted to be the first to be lvl 70 in the beta, but grezkev of the RG can confirm the numbers seeing as he was in the match.


    Is NOT from the same game as the SVER SCREENSHOTS posted.

    The FLOCK SCREENSHOT was almost a month ago, when we were attacking SVER B.

    It was NOT from Darien Network.

    Get that through your thick skulls.

    The screenshots aren't from the same game.

  85. the date is irrelevant, but we did beat you guys.
    so much for playing over 2 month ago warlyik

  86. ok idk if they're the same pics or not
    but we did beat you, so quit denying we didnt.
    the fact of the matter is we beat you guys and you guys did have more people than us.
    so much for our last game being played from over 2 months ago

  87. On the top right of this site, if you hit 'sign in' it'll always keep you registered, that's what I did.

    But yes, those look like different pictures, all I know if the last time I personally heard of us playing you guys was that Darien game (Besides today's game, of course) ;)

  88. Shit's ridiculous. xjumpman23, you and I both know the last game we played together was the Acqui match over 2 months ago.

    In the Flock Screenshot posted, Sithis actually went 19-10 at the end of the match.

    There's absolutely no doubt that the SVER screenshots aren't the same game.

    Sure, we lost when attacking SVER Sabo. But you need to get your facts straight. I beat out your entire clan in kills in that screenshot. The fact that you don't even know how to properly take screenshots is amusing at best. Sithis whined like a little bitch and said "why don't you get a real weapon" while I was sniping him within 30 feet and knifing him in the face along with the rest of you fools.

    And Terrorbad, how many games have you played against me? What, none? You're a fuckin' retard at best.

  89. yea i thought you had to sign up and all that bs but it was fast since i have gmail already

  90. @ annonymus PDIGGY22 never left our clan...

  91. I appreciate the OSG mentions, yes, we are leagues above R*S, thank you for finally realizing that guys. But Sithis, we are NOT casual clan.

    What is hilarious is that even though people think we're a casual clan, they say we're better than R*S that tries reeeeeeeeeal hard to get all them purty kills but still can't. LMAO.

    If this SVER Guy is OSG, I want you to PM me or Stevo on the OSG board. I think we have a right to know who it is.

  92. We beat the flock 2 or 3 weeks ago maybe little more than that but not that long ago. We were attacking raven sabo map and we had 7-8 people and the flock had 13-14 people. We won that with 2-3 minutes left. I came in 2nd in kills behind Jump who beat me by one thanks to his knifes kills. If the flocks thinks we are lying we can Q^. The pics that sithis has are the wrongs unless he played you guys to before.


  93. lol EYE would never beat us, the suck. EYE lets Q^, I don't feel like talking trash lets just Q^

  94. EYE clan isn't even that good... they go negative the regular.

  95. Lol =D Good interview

    @ Capi Way up at top,

    lol Good relationships between other clans helps me in the long run to recruit for 3C and host events to promote 3C.

  96. Although... I would place R*S and few more little higher on my List. But getting 3C and other sver clans together, we'll get a taste of all Sver clans.

  97. @Bigmuss EYE wouldnt beat 3C so stop saying you did. Just shut up. I want you to watch this video. and go to 1:38. Its kinda funny

    ~ DocJokin

    P.S my name isnt Tom I dont know where in the fuck that came from.

  98. 100th post!!!! Give me a cookie.

    And Terrorist, we don't not believe you, we know what happened.

    We were just saying those pics weren't from the same game, which as you said -- they aren't.

  99. Mud we beat your clan with them having at least 5 more people. We will beat them again when we meet them randomly in 4 months if people still play mag. since you guys don't Q^

  100. Whoever made these post as DocJokin wasn't really DocjJokin.. Lol I'm DocJokin. Miss the game a bunch. Aside from all the drama game was the best ever. Love you bitches! 3C was number 1 btw