Friday, September 10, 2010

MAG Interviews: El_Capitrucho sets the record straight (Part 2)

Here's Part 2 of our interview with El Capitrucho. He gives us his opinion of Clan Wars, Snipers and how to stop team-killing.

What's your take on a MAG Clan practice/training area?
Well I see no use for a clan practice area since there are no clan wars. The training area would be a good idea to help people new to the game learn about the game and how to help out the team since the current training area doesn’t really do much.

Should silenced sniper rifles have tracers? Yes or NO?
I think they should, if people are going to snipe then there should be a way to see where they are; they need to have a risk just like everyone else.

One of our most popular suggestions is Neutral Sabo Maps, what’s your opinion?
I say it is good, makes for more variety for defending but we could still use more maps.

When I say Clan Wars what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
What could have been for MAG…. too bad. :smileysad:

How often would you like to see new MAG content? Are you willing to pay for it?
Well I think anyone would want to see new content as soon as possible. I would be willing to pay for it to keep supporting this game but we need this content that we are going to pay for to be worth it.

When did you first notice MAG?                                                                                           
I was playing socom confrontation and herd some guys talking about it so I decided to check it out this was during the beta haven’t been on many other games since, I was hooked since the beta haha.

How do we stop team-killing?
Only way is to turn it off, but I don’t think we need to do it it’s a part of the game it happens.

Who's you're biggest MAG rival, and why?
Well I only had a MAG rival a while back in the game battle tournaments it was Dethliss because we were both competing in the first phase of the tournament, he hasn’t been on in a while but since then I don’t think I have a rival.

Why are you still an active MAG player?
I’m not as active as I used to be, but now I am only active because there are some people that I enjoy playing the game with.

Describe your singular MAG experience.
The early weeks after the games release a small group of 3C members maybe 4 of us playing domination. Every platoon was being held back to their towers except for ours we made it to the letters but the other faction still had some assets up a bunker, AAA, and mortars, we managed to get to our letters and with our team fighting to take down the last bunker which we saw as not so much of a concern. We went for the letters and had 2 members on each letter holding it down  from the waves of enemy from the 3 downed bunkers coming at us. We held on to them for the rest of the game and eventually ended up with a close win. :smileyhappy:

What's your worst MAG shame?
Well thinking back now was probably in the betas when I had just joined 3C I didn’t know at first what was going on, with all the team killing but I just joined in without knowing why it was happening at first.haha

Vote-to-Demote? Yay or Nay?
I say Yay, many times we end up with clueless leaders without a mic.

Do the helicopter respawns need fixing?
I think they do every time I play domination attacking I hope I get an APC or get to parachute in because even with them fixing the helicopters there is still always the chance that it will get destroyed and I will have to run about 200 meters back to the letters it gets annoying.

If you could have one dream "game type" what would it be?
Hmm maybe something like escalation but without A, B, and C just let all 3 PMC's fight it out for the one objective haha.

People seem to be enamored with a Hostage/VIP/Escort game mode, what say you?
I say it might not be a very good idea for this game with so many people on one team and even on other squads you never know when someone might want to act like an idiot and ruin it for everyone.

How would you resolve the lower player numbers?
Well maybe look back to when the numbers were not so low and see what has changed since then bring some of that back.

Why has Interdiction failed?
I don’t think it is what people expected it to be like it needs changes and now that people who don’t like it don’t play it the ones who do like it have to wait a long time to get into a game.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard over Proximity?
Back when the game had just released playing with a full squad of 3C we were defending sabo at B we kept a certain clan back the whole game but half way through I kill a guy and I hear him say "no matter what we do they are invincible".

If there was one change you could make to MAG what would it be?
I would change the fact that it does not have clan wars.

In your opinion, what is MAG's greatest strength?
Well definitely the 256 player games I know that is what caught my attention when I first heard of the game.

What weakness hurt MAG the most?
The 1.03 patch dropped the player count extremely.

Does MAG have cheaters?
Well I personally can’t be too sure, nothing I have seen gave me that idea but who knows it’s always a possibility.

Ghillie suit for snipers, Yay or Nay?
Now it’s no secret I’m not a fan of snipers especially in attacking matches, why give them any special attention if anything is to be added it should go to all.

What's your favorite game mode and why?
My favorite game mode is definitely Domination although I don’t really play it much since I am usually playing without a group or with 1 or 2 other people i enjoy having a full squad of people that I know so we can work as a team it almost never happens that way when i go into domination alone.

Who were you looking forward to matching up with in Clan Wars?
Hmm matching up against definitely was 3v$ always liked that clan but they are not around anymore. haha
Matching up with not sure yet but many good clans out there that I would like to try out one of them did mention i was a clan hopper haha what can I say I like seeing how these clans all work together most impressive clan so far would have to be The Dark Flock good fight either with or against them.

Does it affect MAG’s integrity to let people quit out of games with no penalty?
Well it might but even if people have a penalty it will happen there is no way to stop people from quitting out of games I have quit out a few games myself but then again I have said before it is not a major number like people would think a lot more of my quits are due to disconnection errors.

Funniest thread you’ve ever seen on the forums?
Thread started about me a while back accusing me of using LMG and heavy armor haha.

What was the best post ever?
I don’t remember it to well but it was the one that got lNull banned from the MAG forums for 2 years. haha

Do Japanese players really have an advantage in MAG?
I don’t really see it I see it as lag on my end I guess but it must be something that makes people think that way.

Why’s it so hard to implement Healing yourself with L1 and teammates with R1?
Well me I sometimes get confused I get used to using R1 for all and when they allowed us to use L1 that’s all I did but I got used to it now and it might be that way for other people too.

Why don't more so-called elite clans play more game modes like Domination, Interdiction and Acquisition?
Well in my opinion it is because these clans as good as they might be do not have the man power to be able to carry a whole game of domination to victory, 8 man squads can win a game for a platoon in sabo. Aquisition well they can win there just the same it’s just more of a challenge. Interdiction well your 8 man squad holds 1 letter, that gets the rest split up and go for 2 letters it gets harder. That’s why I think the clans that might not be considered "elite" but have more numbers have the advantage in the larger game modes getting more than just their 8 man squad in all together makes it much easier.


  1. SVER clans play Acq and Domination all the time....I see ONS, R*S, RG, PRO...lots.