Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MAG Interviews: Alyoyo

A few days ago we had the pleasure of interviewing OSG Officer and SVER-loyalist Alyoyo, after his return from forum banishment. In one of our best interviews yet, Alyoyo chimes in on the MAG Forums, The legend of "Alyostradamus", OSG, taunting people over Proximity and why he'd like to teabag Scott Rudi. 

You've recently returned from forum exile, how has the board changed since your triumphant return?

It's great to be back on the MAG forums, I'll tell you that much. I honestly don't think it's changed all that much, you still see duplicates of the same few threads. The "SVER is OP" threads have been replaced with "Bring back SVER's weapons" and "Raven's DOM is OP". As the old saying goes, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

OldSchool Gamers? explain it:

I was actually invited into it by a friend of mine who I had played with for a couple months before I joined OSG. OldSchool Gamers is a group of guys with zero egos. It was started by a few real life friends in the Indy/Chicago area, the original clan leader went MIA and StevoP80 assumed the role of clan leader and the clan has taken off and risen to the stratosphere. We have one singular mindset, to accomplish every objective MAG throws at us with elite teamwork. We are getting into other games as well, titles like Final Fantasy XIV, Gran Turismo 5, etc., so OSG will be a household name. In terms of MAG, we're incredibly underrated, Jumpman has stated on record that OSG is the most underrated clan in the game. I truly believe that and we use that to our advantage.

Who is Alyoyo, anyway?

Alyoyo is actually an acronym. It's a question I'm asked frequently. I used to be a huge fan of pro wrestling and one of my favorites was Christian. He had an entrance theme ( that I particularly liked, and at :05 seconds, the singer says "At Last You're On You're Own", take the first letters of that and you have Alyoyo. Dorky, I know, but I needed a message board handle in 2001 and the name has stuck with me all these years. Red dots think I'm a Japanese lagger because it sounds like it would be somebody from the Far East. As for the man, I'm 26 yrs. old from Syracuse, NY. I work from home as a supervisor for a utility locating company. That would explain the 1000+ hours in the retail version! I'm a former competitive Madden player that has played in a few Madden challenges in the mid-2000's.  


I actually started out in Valor in late February. Met up with a bunch of people I thought were pretty cool, they planned on vetting to Raven after Valor but vetted over to SVER because I had friends over there I had been playing with for years. Blew threw SVER and absolutely hated it. Went to Raven and met up with a few guys from Valor who ended up in OSG but dropped out of the clan. They hadn't vetted to SVER yet so I ran another tour of SVER. Keep in mind I absolutely HATED SVER when I was on Valor/Raven and had no intention of staying. Myself and the guys I was playing with were going to make Valor the final stop in vetting and settle here and maybe join up with a clan, but they disappeared due to real life stuff. It was around this time I had started playing with spades_ace and Capitrucho regularly and they had vetted to SVER so I vetted in April and ran into the guy who got me into OSG and grouped me up with them, and the rest is history!

SVER has taken major hits in terms of our domination of contracts recently...WHY?

It almost seems like SVER has been resting on their laurels, like they deserve the contracts. It's no secret that unless they have vetted over, most of the elite Japanese clans play on Raven/Valor. But we have to get better at defending our map if we lose our bunker line/AAA. It's almost like the blue dots wilt and fall back once that happens. I've been with squads that demolish the bunker line (Let's say G/H on Absheron for example) but we stonewall them at the cooling towers. It's a collective effort, not a squad out of 32. For us to be able to win, we need the coordination of all 32, not a full squad and a few random blue dots and the rest running around like chickens with their heads cut off. 

You frustrate opponents by being evasive on the battlefield, where did you learn it?

I've watched a lot of players and taken notes. EasyE12 turned me from an LMG noob to an Assault Rifle noob. I've watched players like Stratto and seen what he does with a knife. I've watched videos of Raptor on Youtube and playing in his squad (and against him!) and put that all into my memory bank. I pride myself on always moving, never being a stationary target. If you kill me, you're going to have to work for it and earn it. 

OSG is widely regarded as MAG's second-best clan. Tell everyone why you're first.

There are a lot of fantastic clans out there, so I'm going to be humble and tell you every clan has their strengths and weaknesses. Do I think we're the best MAG clan in the game? That's debateable. Without a true clan wars system and going up against the best without any blue dots, it's extremely hard to tell. There may be other great clans that should be in the discussion that aren't as widely known because they don't have a presence on the forums or they aren't outspoken. As far as OSG is concerned, I think we have a legitimate argument for being one of the best clans in terms of overall teamwork in MAG. That's what we pride ourselves on. We've got people always thinking one step ahead, so to beat us, you're going to have to out think us too, not just out kill us.

What game mode does OSG specialize in?

We specialize in all game modes. We don't restrict ourselves to one game mode and call it a day. We do try to take the server times into account, and thanks to MAG, I now know the time in Japan by heart (+13 hours from EST). 

The best MAG player who you've played with is: Why?

I've played with a lot of great players, players so good that I can't even begin to fathom how they kill and do everything so effortlessly. I can't give you one, so I'll have to give you a few. EasyE12, Raptor2525, Stratto, Naberius and Chennault are the first names that come to mind. And luckily, Easy and Chennault are with the good guys in OSG, so I never have to face them! 

Tell us the opponents you love going up against.

I love going up against an opponent attacking us with teamwork and if they don't succeed, watching them move around the map and try different tactics. There's nothing I love more than a good game of cat and mouse or a good chess match. As far as individual opponents, I kind of have a little friendly rivalry going with Raptor from Dark Flock. As far as killing him goes, I'm ahead of him and I know it's gotta be eating him up inside and festering, so I await the day I see him in game! I want to face the best every time though, because how are you going to be the best if you don't play the best?

SVER Maps are OP, Yay or Nay?

I've never thought that SVER's maps were overpowered as a whole, I thought that they could use a few tweaks, but they were never that overpowered. Any large clan or large number of good red dots can bring down an Absheron platoon. Syr Darya is a great map, although the tunnels (dubbed OSG Tunnel) could use some cover inside, it's a wide open tunnel that just screams SNIPER TRAP. Out of all the maps though that needed the biggest boost, it was Aralkum. The fact that on 2nd platoon there's the 1 bridge for APC's is an abomination. The ramp leading into the water was much needed and helps out a lot.

You’re a notable leader, why doesn’t the PL have the ability to address the platoon while we wait to spawn in the beginning of the game?

I don't see how this can't help with in game strategy. You give me 45 seconds, I'm going to use all 45 seconds to lay out simple tactics for each squad. This game is about teamwork and that would only enhance that. I'm 1000% in favor of that being implemented. 

What’s your opinion on the new system that gives us three player slots?

It's good for people who don't want to mess around with different screen names, and the price is good, but it's not for me personally. I don't think I would ever purchase, only because I have a Raven and Valor alt character, Valor is close to level 60, Raven is up close to that as well. I would rather pay more to have unlimited control of that character rather than monthly as well. I think $3.99 a slot would be a solid figure.

What’s your take on the new in-game economy and separating skills and weapons?

I really like this new system, it brings the MMO style into the FPS. Inside my clan, we get into a lot of discussions regarding the MMO aspect of it and how it was emphasised by never really brought out that much by Zipper. This is it right here. Some of the skills need to be re-evaluated and/or moved, but the framework is there and I'm all for the skill tree.

Weapons wise, I like the supply depot, I just wish there was a little diagram with the accessories that helps players that may not know what accessory goes with which gun, so they don't have to spend points needlessly. 

Describe your perfect idea for a MAG Clan practice/training area.

I would love to get into a computer simulated battlefield that teaches people the basics of shooting a gun, shooting a turret, driving an APC, laying down strikes (both offensive and defensive), repairing, healing and reviving teammates, placing charges, placing mines, etc. If people were able to be trained in a semi-realistic environment, I think it would go a long way to keeping newer players in the game instead of throwing them into the fray with nothing but a gun on their back. MAG has a bit of a learning curve, so if you're reading this newer players, stick it out. I guarantee it gets MUCH better once you get everything down. 

One of our most popular suggestions is a Convoy Mode, where one PMC protects the convoy and the other tries to attack it, what’s your opinion?

I think it would be cool, but there would have to be much more to it to become a viable MAG game mode. Would there be bunkers? Stationary ground turrets? There's a lot of moving parts here that would make this either a rousing success or a mode that is never played. 

When I say Clan Wars what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Zipper dropped the ball. In my opinion, it's not the random players that are keeping this game alive, it's the clans that are keeping it alive. As long as the clan wars between clans are scheduled and limited to 1-2 battles a day, I think you can throw the "It would destroy queues!" argument out the window.

How often would you like to see new MAG content? Are you willing to pay for it?

I can never say no to new content, as long as it's implemented and being done smartly. Not just putting stuff into the game to put it into the game. I am more than willing to pay for any new content down the road, because I definitely support this game.  

What SVER Clans need to be banished to Valor and Raven?

We need all the clans we can get on SVER, because I think that out of the 3 factions, SVER has the least clan depth. We have great clans but other than the 3-4 that are most well known, there's not a lot underneath. That used to be Raven, but [IMP], [AIR], [AOD], [)B(], [DOA] have really stepped up for them along side [~^~].

How do we stop team-killing?

You can't. There are always going to be a few bad apples among the group, so it's never going to actually stop, unless they completely turn off friendly fire, which would not be a good thing in my opinion.

Did you play in the Beta? What were your impressions of MAG after playing in the BETA?

I actually never played in any of the betas prior to release. In fact, this is my very first FPS since Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. So the entire genre has been an adventure to learn, but now I'm hooked.

Who's your biggest MAG nemesis, and why?

I have a bunch that seem to follow me around in games, haha. Names like Raptor2525, Cotten-Balls, altimit84, AngelSunshine, phantom_T. I love facing off against skilled players and they are some of the most skilled in MAG.

Why are you still an active MAG player?

Because I love this game. The first 150 hours or so, I blew. I sucked. But I've never had so much fun dying so much. I knew it was going to get better, so I kept and kept at it. This is one of the best games I've ever played and with Zipper saying they will continue to support it, I will be here for the long haul.

Describe your singular MAG experience.

It was an ACQ defense with a squad of OSG defending the right side bunker (the water side dock) against Raven. I wasn't initially squad leader but got it when one of our guys disconnected. The other platoon was getting rocked, bunker line went down very fast and their transports were getting dangerously close to being taken. I heard a familiar voice on platoon chat, and it was Zapon, asking for help. I went to the XMB and sent him a message saying we were sending help. We helped defend as best we could, but one of the transports got out. We continued to defend and amazingly kept our mortar battery up during the whole ordeal. With about a minute and a half left, a transport got out and I died with a long respawn time left. Once I got out, I hit select as fast as I could and tracked the transport and put out a Sensor Shell ahead of the transport hoping to lead it into the APC. And what do you know, the thing gets destroyed, saving the game. It was at this moment that the name "Alyostradamus" was born. One of the best MAG moments I've ever had.

Another was a group of 5 OSG defending C/D left side bunker on Absheron, every asset (bunker, AAA, mortar, motor pool, sensor, etc.) went down EXCEPT for our bunker and it NEVER went down. Not even from a Precision Strike. We had people parachuting on top of the bunker, about 8-16 people at all times attacking our bunker, but it never went down. Because of teamwork. We probably defending the bunker like that for at least 18-20 minutes. It was absolutely insane.

What's your worst MAG shame?

Hmm... how about destroying your entire squad with a mortar strike after they cleared out a bunch of enemies by a burnoff tower? Does that qualify? I've never apologized so profusely in MAG before, LOL.

Tell us about the Coalition.

OSG was all set to join the Coalition in the post-release beta, but we had a lot of people spread out that we wanted to get everybody back together. We had thought that it was going to start out as level 1 with choosing your faction and all that, not a server grab of character stats from a month ago. 

Do the helicopter respawns need fixing?

I think helicopters need a little bit of a boost in armor, otherwise, they're fine. It's kind of ridiculous that 2 bunker rockets can destroy a Heli, 2 RPG shots can also destroy it. Helicopter placements are fine IMO. 

If you could have one dream "game type" what would it be?

I really think we need to split off Acquisition and make it 32 on 32 with 2 transports. I'm not a fan of losing when we're holding out bunkers and on the flip side, I don't enjoy winning without accomplishment.  

People seem to be enamored with a Hostage/VIP/Escort game mode, what say you?

I don't know about that type of game mode... how would that fit into the story? Unless it was the leader of the PMC or something, but I can't see that being too viable in a large-scale game such as this. That would be great for an 8 on 8 mode in a different game, but even with the smallest game mode offered by MAG (32 on 32), it's still too large for that type in my opinion.

How would you resolve the lower player numbers?

Clan Wars would bring a bunch of people BACK, that is undeniable. As far as bringing in new players, a better marketing campaign would have done wonders for this game. Just think how many thousand players would be here instead of other games had they run the Kevin Butler MAG spot longer than 2 weeks after release. 

We were dominated badly during the Infamous TTT Weekend (we had no Acq contracts) who's to blame?

Us. We did have a bunch of clans like 3C, R*S, Ro., SMF and OSG working together all day to combat the Valor/Raven forces, Spade and Nanofied did a great job handling the supergroups that weekend.

What new MAG content would you like to see?

I would absolutely love a black market system to purchase other factions' weapons, I would love to see Escalation in the retail version as well. I absolutely love the game mode. New SMG's/Shotguns, Balaclavas/Facewraps (Cmon Zipper, we need 50 sniper rifles but we can't put a facewrap in because of memory? I find that very hard to believe.)

What deal-breaker could make you stop playing MAG?

No more support from Zipper developers. I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon barring some unforeseen circumstances. 

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard over Proximity?

"F**K that Alyoyo guy, he's just a Japanese lagger!" (For the record, I'm nothing close to Japanese.)

I usually don't hear a lot directed AT me, because I'm the one dishing out the proxy chat trash talk. I trask talk to throw people off of their game so they can get distracted talking or teabagging me and become an easy target for a teammate.

If there was one change you could make to MAG what would it be?

Better clan support closer to release, more noob-friendly, less bullet wander, better MAG forum mods... (They close threads that have everything to do with MAG and keep up the trolling threads.) I highly doubt they play the game, so that needs to be a prerequisite to being a mod/admin on the MAG forum.

In your opinion, what is MAG's greatest strength?

Size and scope. It's unrivaled. The feeling you get when strikes are going off around you, gas is pouring out of a building, gunfire whizzing by you, squadmates in your ear, APC's/Humvees rolling by, just that chaotic "anything can happen and usually does" feeling gets me pumped up. It's a feeling that will never go away for me.

What weakness hurt MAG the most?

Scott Rudi. His tinkering with the guns for 8 months has irreparably damaged this game. It's taken 7 patches to try and get balance on the weapons and they're even worse than they were at release. That's absolutely inexcusable. The weapon tuning he has done has irreparably damaged MAG so much that it almost doesn't even feel like the same game. There's no excuse for that. 

Top 5 Clans in MAG:

I feel I'm very qualified to make a definitive list, I've played 1000+ hours and have seen every major clan play. (Not including Japanese clans because of the server advantages)

1. Dark Flock
2. Up$
3. 3C
4. ARx
5. GUN

Honorable mention:


  1. Thanks for the mention Alyoyo, I'll be sure to find you soon...Muahahahaha....hahahaha....hahahahahaaaaaa!!! :p

  2. LOL @ teabagging Scott Rudi.

  3. I'm still laughing at Alyostradamus.

  4. Soviet here, alyoyo is a great fighter and smart forum goer who looks past PMC hatred and see's things into proper perspectives.

  5. wow you guys cant even manage to read an interview without flaming each other. good job guys. excellent ideas Alyoyo, hopefully the team at zipper can utilize some of this

  6. Everyone knows Moejoe is the best.

  7. Please save that stuff for the MAG Forums please.

  8. Wherever Alyoyo goes, controversy follows like a shadow, lol.

  9. Great interview Yoyo.

    Yoyo is one of the best guys on my team, as an
    officer and as a skilled player. We couldnt do
    half of what we do in OSG without him.

    And you other guys....

    Leave the drama on the MAG forums. No need to
    drag it onto other MAG pages.

  10. Awesome. LMAO at this whole exchange! Glad you're back Alyoyo, great interview. Kushmir, when are we doing the next TTT? I've got my secret Valor decoder ring so you can reply here...

  11. lol, Kushmir and I have an old bitter past, though it should not have spilled over here. Yes, Kushmir, tell us when will we have the pleasure of facing worthwhile Valor clans in acquisition once more? @Alyoyo, I'm glad you're back as well, especially after such craptastic reason for your banishment.

  12. Good stuff yoyo. I liked the read bro. Whats up with the troll. LOL... Bet you enjoyed answering these questions.

  13. nice so i guess its thanks to me and ace that you are the great member of OSG that you are today haha :)

  14. Good read.

    And I agree on splitting the Acquisition maps into two 32 vs 32 maps. Suggested it on the forums myself once. :D

  15. Wowwww....controversy really does seem to follow you Al. I've fought against Alyoyo on many occasions and even if he was losing, I always found him in the end game stats.

  16. OK so I have fought against Alyoyo numerous times. I have seen him lag out of matches only to rejoin them repeatedly regardless of his score. Somebody is just jealous that Yoyo got an interview and they didn't, I guess.

  17. thanks for the shout out Yo.


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