Thursday, September 2, 2010

Insider: Yamomoto was LEAVING 6D9?

What happened to 6D9?

A reliable source inside The Dark Flock confirmed recently that Yamomoto was an applicant for The Dark Flock but he had his application removed due to real life issues that he is now resolving. The source alleged that Yamomoto was was tired of getting messages that he was a good player "but his clan sucked" and claims to have PSN messages and posts on the The Flock's website attesting this. Also some other top players from 6D9 were supposed to apply for The Flock as well, but in the end the whole clan came to Raven because they were tired of losing on Valor.

The source feels that for leaving Valor for that reason, they are LOW and should not be welcomed into any PMC since they simply ride the coat-tails of whomever is doing well and go where they can get the most wins. The source also stated that there were great players in that clan but they have alot of dead weight due to low standards, friendships, lack of organization, lack of teamwork and too many other elements that dragged them down.

we've contacted Yamomoto and zade86 for response interviews but as of the release of this article we've had zero communications with either. We may reach out to some of the other clan officers in the meantime.


  1. LOL.. you guys are too funny, you dont know anything about us huh.

  2. You can quote me as a source too. FACT: Biojackel and Yamomoto were the two that were applying for The Dark Flock.