Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh Perspectives: Xx_Stykyr_xX

Here's our most recent newb interview. Our guest this time is Xx_Strykyr_xX (the husband of Soviet Girl) he chimed from a newer perspective on many of the central issues in MAG--including what its like to get knifed by your wife :)

Give us your first Impressions of MAG?

Big, complex, and fast.

Many of the people playing this game have been doing it for months, do you still feel able to compete?

Time played does not equal skill. I find my fights vary from good to bad.

Describe playing with other players that are randomly thrown into the queue with you.

Annoying, frustrating, and lacking of basic military intel.

Describe your first Domination game.

going crazy with my med kit rezzing people left and right, then growing 6 levels at the end.

Do you have a mic? Do you think its important to have one?

Wife sold it few months back. If you understand the flow of the game the mic isn't needed. helpful but not needed.

What's your favorite weapon early on?

ATAC 2000. best assault rifle in this game in my opinion.

What made you choose the PMC you decided on?

Valor has way to much kids for my patience. I went to raven since my wife is on Sver.

Give me some short descriptions of SVER, Valor and Raven.

SVER: The dangerous players who will destroy you with inferior weapons
Valor: Unprofessional and pathetic CoD "veterans" who assume American = Best.
Raven: Best weapon in the game along with the armor. Also has the domination advantage.

Describe your first Acquisition Game.

I was confused, so i just repaired and rezzed.

Did squadmates seem anxious to help you and take you under their wing?

No. None of them had medkits and seemed more intent on furthering their kill rate than helping out.

Do you feel as if teammates cooperate with you, or fend for themselves?

fend for themselves. I can say I been rezzed more by blue dots than my squad.

Have you played with or against any notables from the Forum? If so, what was it like?

My wife, Soviet_-_Girl. I hated it. she either knifed me or shot me and took off before my team could help.

Have you experienced team-killers or other players seeking to ruin your experience?

I have. Its funny watching them get kicked and then sending them a message mocking them. they get quite pissy.

Would you recommend MAG to your friends?

Alot of my friends dislike interacting with Statesmen, but I guess I would.

Do you see yourself playing MAG in six months?

I do.

Is MAG missing anything?

Vote for mutiny.

Does MAG gameplay seem balanced to you? do you feel like there are any weapons that are too powerful or other elements that work too well or not well enough?

No, Raven seems to steamroll all but the most skilled SVER soldiers. their weapons are pathetic.

Which gametype do you like best?


Do you plan on joining a Clan? Which?

Not sure as of yet.

How did you find out about MAG?

My wife bought it and invited me to play.

Do you feel like you have to wait a long time to start a game?

for interdiction and sometimes aquisition.

Do you feel any loyalty to the PMC you chose?

Not really, but if i had to pick a favorite it would be SVER.

What MAG dislikes do you have?

Late responses by the developers, weapon "nerfs", totalitarian forum regulations. Seriously, I was allowed more freedom to speak in the Soviet Union than here. (we had to LOL @ that)

Say Zipper announces MAG is $4.99 per month to play, do you still play?

No. They have a long way to go before obligating players to pay to play.