Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fresh Perspectives: ShakerRAM

Our next newb interview was with ShakerRAM. Again the prerequisite was simple, we wanted someone who had been playing the game for 30 days or less to give their take on all things MAG. Here's what ShakerRAM thought:

Give us your first Impressions of MAG?

Amazing, the graphics aren't perfect, but play against 128 players, it's awesome. The maps are very big, thing that I appreciate a lot. The first weapons and skills you have are very low, that was a bit annoying, but when you unlock some features, problem is over.

Many of the people playing this game have been doing it for months, do you still feel able to compete?

This game is much difficult to dominate, MW2 or BC2 game style is much easier to use, in MAG things are different, but it's nice, because you learn a different "style" of playing FPS, so yeah, with time and practice, maybe I beat pro's.

Describe playing with other players that are randomly thrown into the queue with you.

80% of the times, you find beautiful people, I love playing with this guys, teamwork is basic, and with this people is much easier. 20% you find other people that only kills your team, of course this happens in ALL shooter games, but maybe in MAG, depends on the mode, you can find more.

Describe your first Domination game.

Raven, Attacking, Level 12. AWESOME, I played like I had level 60, planted bombs, killed loads of enemies, assists. Also I died a lot, I think the K/D Ratio was 20/13. I enjoyed a lot, our squad leader had a mic and he was giving orders to everyone, I felt very useful.

Do you have a mic? Do you think its important to have one?

Yes, I have one very new, but I don't use it because only 2-3 friends have MAG, and I don't play with them usually. Base of MAG is Teamwork, and base of Teamwork is communication, I think that FRAGO is important, but mic is MORE important, so yeah, I think every MAG player should have one.

What's your favorite weapon early on?

ATAC 2000.

What made you choose the PMC you decided on?

To be honest, I knew my friends were inside Raven, that's why I chose that PMC.

Give me some short descriptions of SVER, Valor and Raven.

S.V.E.R: The history behind this people is very strange, I think they have great weapons and the outfits are the coolest in the game.

Raven: I never imagined that Europe would be in a war game, I find this organization great, but maybe in the video, they look like the future.

Valor: The typical U.S army with the M16 ready, with a honor code to follow, an amazing base in Alaska. In a lot of FPS games you can find these american groups, so that's nothing new to be honest.

Describe your first Acquisition Game.

Very annoying, maybe I was unlucky, but the enemy was doing an excellent teamwork, our team failed.

Did squadmates seem anxious to help you and take you under their wing?

In this case, a very reduced number of people accepted me, and helped, others think is 1 vs 128, so when I find people who really like to help the team, I'm really grateful and also try to do my best.

Do you feel as if teammates cooperate with you, or fend for themselves?

Very hard to say this, with 128 team mates I can't really tell who cooperates for the benefit of the team, and who does for gaining experience.

Have you played with or against any notables from the Forum? If so, what was it like?

I never had the pleasure of playing against them sad.gif.

Have you experienced team-killers or other players seeking to ruin your experience?

As I said before, yes. In Suppression, it's very common to find those idio** playing.

Would you recommend MAG to your friends?

Only if he/she is ready for another experience, If he/she wants something else.

Do you see yourself playing MAG in six months?

I hope so, also I hope to have the platinum trophy.

Does MAG gameplay seem balanced to you? do you feel like there are any weapons that are too powerful or other elements that work too well or not well enough?

Everything is ok, but maybe the Knife is a bit overpowered when you have everything unlocked. (from the mouths of Babes I tell ya)

Which gametype do you like best?

Sabotage and Domination (both with a good team and good strategy.)

Do you plan on joining a Clan? Which?

Yeah, one friend and I are looking for clans nowadays.

How did you find out about MAG?


Do you feel like you have to wait a long time to start a game?

Not a lot, I like to wait before start, then I can prepare myself to the battle.

Do you feel any loyalty to the PMC you chose?

Not really, with team-killers inside... I don't appreciate a lot my PMC.

What MAG dislikes do you have?

The Raven outfits, ARE HORRIBLE!

Say Zipper announces MAG is $4.99 per month to play, do you still play?

Only if that helps to develop the game (more maps, features, weapons...) Then yes.

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