Friday, September 3, 2010

Fresh Perspectives: Peanut_hh14

Our next newb interview is with Peanut_hh14, again our criteria was simple. Interview a player who had been playing MAG for a month or less to get their opinion on the game as a whole.

Give us your first Impressions of MAG?

Well I cant consider myself as an experienced online gamer. But the first impression I got is the immense amount of players. You feel little compared to the other games.

Many of the people playing this game have been doing it for months, do you still feel able to compete?

Yes I am. I like to compete. It makes a good challange to get to their level and them face them.

Describe playing with other players that are randomly thrown into the queue with you.

Well they are like all the other online communities. You find great players, who are also great persons. But you also find other ones who teamkill, or who are insulting all the time each others. But I think tht is not the game's fault. Its just their education

Describe your first Domination game.

The words are: complex and funny. Its a great challenge. There are so many things to do. I think its vital to have a clan where you can chat with friends. There is no way to succeed if you go Rambo.

Do you have a mic? Do you think its important to have one?

Absolutely. Yeah I own one. It can make the difference. Even more in MAG. A good leader can speak through the mic and lead soldiers in a clever way on the battlefield.

What's your favorite weapon early on?

The Light Machine Gun. Long clip of bullets, and with all the perks you can make it a stable weapon.

What made you choose the PMC you decided on?

Their image and also my friends. I liked Raven's image because they are high tech soldiers. I like technology so I chose them for this reason, and also because my friends are there.

Give me some short descriptions of SVER, Valor and Raven.

SVER: they are like terrorist. Disorder, madness... But I like their image.

Valor: Typical USA ideal soldiers. They live along with the environment. They are action-man. Green military tones... Typical: Give your life for your Honour soldiers.

RAVEN: High tech soldiers. They always wear the best equipment. They are cool, lethal and organised

Describe your first Acquisition Game.

Again complex. The thing is this game is like this. There is no way to hide. And your first game is always difficult because you find yourself trying to memorise the game, and also trying to play it.

It was funny though.

Did squadmates seem anxious to help you and take you under their wing?

Actually no. As I was not playing with any clan-mates /friends it was more like a free for all. And I think that was why we lost

Do you feel as if teammates cooperate with you, or fend for themselves?

They tended more to fend for themselves. Although I got some back-up at some points

Have you played with or against any notables from the Forum? If so, what was it like?


Have you experienced team-killers or other players seeking to ruin your experience?

Yeah. Fortunately they were kicked quickly

Would you recommend MAG to your friends?

Yes I would. As it has something different from the rest of the fps online

Do you see yourself playing MAG in six months?

Difficult question. If real life commitements are ok then I think so. I am more like a casual player

Is MAG missing anything?

Maybe some graphics. But they are ok for me. And I prefer a non-laggy game with 256 players than lag because there are much more things to load (or more complex things)

Does MAG gameplay seem balanced to you? do you feel like there are any weapons that are too powerful or other elements that work too well or not well enough?

Yes I think its pretty balanced. I tried 3 different classes at the moment. And I felt so many differenced in some areas.

For example using the P90 allows you to be more tactical, and fast. Also you can land shots better than using a light machine gun. Although the stopping power cant be compared.

Which gametype do you like best?

I like to be more tactical. I'm more the kind of player who goes with team-mates. I dont rely on individualties. As they dont work (atleast for me)

Do you plan on joining a Clan? Which?

Yeah I want to in a future. I still dont know when.

How did you find out about MAG?

A friend of mine made me a professional review and I thought I would give it a try

Do you feel like you have to wait a long time to start a game?

Actually no. I was surprised as it does not take forever to join games.

Do you feel any loyalty to the PMC you chose?

Hmmm well. I feel more loyalty to my skill points. I wouldnt abandon RAVEN because I would lose all my hard work

What MAG dislikes do you have?

At the moment I havent found big things to complain about.

Say Zipper announces MAG is $4.99 per month to play, do you still play?

I would seriously think about it. Of course I would not like that.


  1. I am a MAG loyalist... Raven... EYE clan... I've played it since Aug 22, 2009 during the closed phase up to and including the release. So, I am a MAG addict so to speak.. And I can say with no hesitation, if they charge a monthly fee, I am Audi... No way will I pay a monthly fee for something I've already paid for !! If they go that route you can be sure to find my copy in Gamestop within 24 hours.. Thats my 2 cents.

    Sincerely, RocketRob99

  2. Nice post, the mic does make a difference. You have to be able to call for a medic otherwise the game becomes a jog from the spawn. I would pay a monthly fee... but not one that breaks the budget. They would also would have to show the money did no more lag or rdm DC.

  3. If I have to pay a fee, then Zipper have to put more maps, weapons and missions almost monthly...