Friday, September 3, 2010

Comments and Feedback

We'd hoped that giving people the ability to post under "Anonymous" would promote honesty and for people to leave their opinions without fear of reprisal and scrutiny (we also hoped it would prompt people to respond without going through some lengthy registration process). Want to comment and or leave criticism of the interviewers? fine. We simply won't allow flaming back and forth between readers.This blog WILL NOT turn into the foolishness that is the MAG forums. If we can't have a basic level of interaction and healthy dialogue we'll simply turn the comments off, or on the registered setting so that you'll have to sign up to have your voice heard. We think that's unnecessary, but we won't have the total anarchy that is the MAG Forums here on the MAG WorldWide Blog.

*All the previous flaming and unnecessary comments have been deleted.*


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