Monday, September 13, 2010

Clan Deploy and Beta Impressions

Recently, one of our sources chimed in with some of his beta impressions and helping Zipper "test out" Clan Deploy.

A few clans have helped help Zipper debug Clan Deploy on a two separate occasions recently. While it appears that some fixes are in place and working, there are still numerous UI problems that cause latency navigating in the 'Community' section. On a good note, the deploy is working as intended and not once did anyone in group get randomly tossed out into the MAG universe. The interface is very nice looking and having the ability for your clan to jump in/jump out without having to invite is a great feature.

Many of us haven't "played" a ton on the beta. FACT: The knife has become a big problem and the game isn't as enjoyable for us because of it. We've heard similar complaints from all PMC's and the threads are flooded with the anti-knife campaign. We're confident that the developers will get the tuning right before it goes live, however. If the rest of the bugs get worked out; we are basically looking at big expansion to MAG with a vastly improved skill tree, new polish, and another mode of play with Escalation. Though, we have to admit that after playing Escalation I would have preferred to see 3 new Domination maps.


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