Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Africa the New South America?

Distribution of PMC Influence

Olivia Darby: "This is Olivia Darby reporting live from London here for GNN. Above pictured is the current breakdown of military influence by various PMCs. Due to the long stretched period of conquest, you can see the SVER Collective in orange, Valor (with their influence and conquest of territories in the Asian-Pacific) in green, and Raven (with their newly acquired territory in the African Congo) in blue. The division of influence has radically shifted since the events in South Africa have calmed down, and some speculate that the position of Raven and SVER in Africa may stage another questionable conflict.

For now we move onto our update on the situation in South America. Small pockets of fire opened up to break down communications from Raven Sattelites throughout the Western most regions of Brazil, some of which are still occupied by Raven. As such, the military around the area has been cut off and has been engaged in small arms fire throughout the mid week. Until Raven can get communications, or until SVER bring's their sattelites around to the region... it is unlikely that the area will see any quick ceasefire. The blackout has slowly spread throughout Raven's main defensive region and it has been difficult to get word out from their position.

Next we move on to updates in the world economy, and we'll focus on what's important for our study...the international war contracts. Steve Pascual has the story, Steve?"

Steve Pascual: "Thanks Olivia. In international contracts as of today, we had a buying frenzie that took place both in the Los Angeles Stock Bank, as well as the Bank of London this afternoon as military contracts were distributed according to a clearly lined out set of contractual goals and obligations. As of 9am this morning the SVER Collective retains only 3 international contracts, and the buyout of over 6 contracts, including two oil distribution agreements, going to Raven Industries. What does this mean for the military? A lot of it, Olivia, has to do with funding of large scale military projects, such as technology, arms shipment, medical equipment...basically everything that is permitted under the current Millennium Accord, with regard to PMCs. It's going to be an interesting next few days, back to you Olivia."

Olivia Darby: "Interesting Steve, I wonder how this will affect the motive and directive of PMCs in the coming weeks.

Raven Division Seen moving South of Eastern Tip of Congo River

Next we move on to what is on everyone's minds...Raven's situation in Africa. Field reporters found Raven's army in the outskirts of the lower Congo region, near the desert. Their activities were unknown however they appeared to be driving South. Military experts suggest that while attempting to secure oil would be an obivious and clear objective for an organization like Raven in this case, anyone who knows that a military is a military...would want to secure and defend their objective with the upmost devotion.

SVER T-80s Stand Guard

Meanwhile...over 23 SVER tank divisions sit at the borders of South Africa, pointing northwards in various directions leading towards Central Africa. Popular word on the street is mobilization to secure the outer regions of South African territory in order to prevent Raven encroachment from the North. The divisions seem strong enough to disentangle any attacker, so Raven will have to think hard about its decisions in the Congo regions. But at the same time, it is difficult to see if anyone has a real motive to strike.

Valor's Kennedy-Class Destroyer

Valor managed to make headline news across many nations as well this morning, ever since word broke out of their small but fortible naval fleet stationed throughout the West Asian coastlines, which has started a small but threatening embargo over Vietnam and the surrounding areas. While the territories are capable of receiving plenty of aid viathe mainland, the action has stopped some outward trade moving down to South Africa. Some see this as a direct insult to SVER, while others see it as Valor maintaining it's own protection of newly acquired territories near Japan and Korea.

Lastly we leave you with a segment of interviews taken care of by our reporters around the globe. Interviewing Raven's Officer BioJackle from the hired 6D9 division is our own Chuck Stevens. And interviewing SVER's H-U-N-G-L-O from the Collective's 3C division is none other than Tom Bodazian! Take it away guys!"

Chuck Stevens: Thanks for taking the time to sit with me today. Tell me a little about your outfit...the "6D9ers", as one might call them...

BioJackle: The 6D9ers are a close knit of highly trained individuals who have come from all of the globe, from different PMC's. They have been recruited into the ranks as they show promise of being a top soldier, in their own special resolve. Working as a Unit and completing the mission given to each of them, willing to lay down themselves for the unit.

6D9 started as a preliminary source in Valor's Army as a Training program and special operations unit. As weeks went by, the ensign's and Leading officer of 6D9 started recruiting skilled individuals from within Valor's compounds to help the cause of their special operations unit. The goal was to recruit more individuals to help the cause as well as to balance the ground forces in a way to help the entire factions as a whole.

That is a little of how the 6D9 unit started out on.

Chuck: Are you familiar with Raven's operations worldwide currently, that is as a military organization?

BioJackle: As of the moment, we were not informed of large scale operations towards any faction as a whole entity. While on Valor we knew of the news and based our operations in the United States as a means of training. While now Hired mercenaries for Raven, we have not caught up on the news of the entire battle itself.

6D9 has been moving back and forth trying to win as many battles as possible with the limited but skilled man power it holds. The last major battle that 6D9 has participated in was the defense on South Venezuela, attempting to help the forces make a stand on incomming SVER forces.

Chuck: That must have been interesting. We had reporters in the area a few weeks back. So you were part of the defensive brigade along the Amazon?

BioJackle:That is correct, Raven HQ handed down the assignment of defending the Amazon due to a report of high traffic of SVER forces apporaching the line of defense.

Chuck: You mentioned being a hired gun for Raven, and previously working for Valor. Following up on that, do you have comment about the assasination of British Prime Minister Edwards which was found to have been done with a Raven AB Sniper Rifle?

BioJackle: As an individual I would say that the assassination was a set-up. It was a response as to change the impact view of the people so that they would never trust Raven again.
In my experience, it is never the gun that shows the story but the person who shoots. A weapon can be picked up and shot by anyone. But the person to shoot has their own schedule that they have in mind.

Chuck: That will have people at home wondering. Interesting input, and the first word we've heard public from Raven regarding the situation. Last question before I go, where and when can we expect to see the 6D9ers next? Are you being given new orders? Are you tasked with seeking out a particular PMC or a particular division? Or are you to remain in the Amazon?

BioJackle: Currently our predicaments and our assignments are unknown and classified. We are on duty from 4pm - 10pm PST, generally and willing to team up. With Raven we a serving as it has the most benefit towards our common goal. You can rest assured that you will see us around closer to SVER's home than they would like us to be.
More so, as to test out this 'Red Guard' that SVER holds so highly of. See if they are what they are cut out to be on the ground.


Tom Bodazian: It's a pleasure to be here today Mr. HungLo. Pleasure to meet you. Tell me a little bit about what it is you do for 3C, and in turn, what 3C does for the SVER Collective as a whole?

Hung: I'm the token Mexican Dude. I do my part in killing but I think they mainly keep me there so they can laugh at all the stupid things I say over the mic. You know sort of a comic relief.

We are S.V.E.R. LoL. We are more like the morale boosters of the PMC. People say "oh crap it's 3C we are definitely going to win" which in turn gives them more ambition to win the game.

Tom: Always great to hear enthusiasm about SVER. You mention that you're Mexican...does that bring up any animosity against Raven who currently occupies the regions of the New Mexican Republic?

Hung: It's unrealistic if you ask me. Raven would have been more of a fit if it was based in Europe. South and Central America are two very poor continents. Unless the drug cartels took over and made it a super power among others. LoL "El Cartel Del Cuervo". Then it would make more sense, I mean you got to be on drugs to run around in skin tight spandex suits.

Tom: So then considering your feelings about Raven, does it make sense to you that they'd try and assasinate someone in Europe then...such as the British PM?

Hung: They're capable of everything that breaks the Geneva Convention :|

Tom: Were you around during the incident regarding your unit, 3C and a Valor unit named V-C?

Hung: No I wasn't, V-C is all talk they call 3C out on the forums so we respond. We attempted to Q sync with them for two hours and nobody responded. These guys are as Garbage as their Leader NoGrimsMir. They just coat tail off other clans to get their wins.

Tom: Strong words don't you think? Do you think SVER should work hard to beat back Raven in Africa and thereby take back their control of international oil contracts?

Hung: Meh not really. Eventually perhaps.... we are to busy stealing vehicles and destroying communication centers at the moment.

Tom: Good intel. I'm sure the rest of SVER will find that info useful so they can correctly branch out their assets to both help your team maintain control of those sections as well as work towards the oil. Great stuff. Any last thing you have to say before we're done?

Hung: Nothing at the moment, just going to sit back and wait for the flame and [hate]. :D


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    Also 6D9 jumped ship to Raven, not Valor anymore