Thursday, September 2, 2010

6D9's Zade86 Unfiltered (Part 1)

If anyone doubts our resolve here on the MAG WorldWide blog to get to the bottom of a story and to be 100% uncensored the proof is here for all to see. We solicited 6D9's Zade86 with plenty of interview requests so that he could respond to our earlier interview with Yamomoto, and both our stories about the clan he's the leader of. Our IM interview started off pretty animated initially, to say the least:

zade86 says: who the @#$% is this?
mag worldwide says: this is SVER Guy from the Mag Blog. 
zade86 says: i know that, you guys have been talking alot of @$%# about 6D9.
mag worldwide says: we only print what we get from sources. and there are actually three of us. this is SVER Guy. 
zade86 says: I consider some of what you said very disrespectful, and your valor guy is dumb. If he didn't know I was clan leader then he isn't true Valor. 
mag worldwide says: But now, neither are you, isn't that right?  and No News = Bad News.
zade86 says: Yes. but bad news isn't good, especially the stuff you guys are saying.
mag worldwide says: They're only opinions, so let's get to some of yours, agreed?
zade86 says: ok...saying that we had low standards, bad friendships, lack of teamwork and organization?
mag worldwide says: actually it was one of our sources that said Yamomoto said those things.
zade86 says: calling me a clown? really need for that? 
mag worldwide says: let's start with the interview, ok? We have a source inside the flock that said that Yamomoto wanted in, any comment? 
Our source said that Yam was leaving 6D9 because of all those things. what say you? 
zade86 says: i can't comment on that. but i have spoke to Yam and i know whats going on.
mag worldwide says: WOW. he said some other players wanted "in" as well. were you one of them? 
zade86 says: nope.
mag worldwide says: gotcha. so why Raven? 
zade86 says: sver is easy mode, so we wanted a change. we decided on to raven due to the lack of clan wars (which would decide which clan was the best) Raven just felt alot more balanced, and alot of us in 6D9 have never been to raven and really wanted to try it out as a clan. 
mag worldwide says: what about the rumors you were tired of losing on Valor? 
zade86 says: i think our win/loss record on our profile record on mag leader-boards answers that. We hardly lose. especially in the recent months and weeks, but we have gotten fed up with carrying blue-dots. 
mag worldwide says: aren't there blue dots on raven? 
zade86 says: yes but as said alot of us haven't been on raven so we don't know what they're like,the people that have been on raven in 6D9 and friends that have played with us on Alts from raven clans said they're definitely not as bad. so we will find out.
mag worldwide says: i see, you're taking the word of Raven? about Raven? makes sense (note the sarcasm)Yamomoto sent our source messages saying that he was tired of getting messages that "he was good but his clan sucked" your response? 
zade86 says: you mean dark flock? 
mag worldwide says: yes, our source inside the flock. this seemed to say you lose much more than you're letting on. 
zade86 says: as I said earlier, i know about this. and i can not speak on the matter. 
mag worldwide says: is Yamomoto still in 6D9? 
zade86 says: from what i recall. 
mag worldwide says: that's a YES? 
zade86 says: its a "from what i recall". 
mag worldwide says: Yamomoto also stated in his interview that 6D9 didn't take their games seriously enough to win alot. this contradicts what you said about winning most of the time. your response? 
zade86 says: We got complacent sometimes after redlining alot, and many times ended up doing stupid things or trying out new stuff and it never worked out. But no, we like to have fun while we play, thats the idea of the game, right? there's no competition, no clan leaderboard, so at end of the night the game does tend to get a little boring and we end up losing some games we normally wouldn't. 
mag worldwide says: ok, so no clan wars was a big letdown for you all then? 
zade86 says: yes i thought this would be way for MAG to build back up, give the veterans something to look forward to again. But to know it was all just a sham for zipper to keep us playing MAG by giving us false hopes? Its really disappointing. 
mag worldwide says: understood. do you see yourself leaving MAG because of this? 
zade86 says: well if things don't change and with games such as Resistance 3 or Brink comming out around about 2011. Then yes, we will be moving there. The feeling in 6D9 is, if we all didn't meet each other in MAG and play together, we all would have left ages ago. 
mag worldwide says: you were quoted many times as calling 6D9 Valor's #1 clan but many had you rated 4th or 5th because you didn't dominate with an all-star roster. opinions? 
zade86 says: everyone has their opinions, some thought we were the best, some didn't, but we definitely were a big influence and a top clan in valor for sure. And alot of people didn't know us because not many of our members are big MAG forum posters. So not many people were familiar with the people in 6D9. 
mag worldwide says: with all of the Fallout can 6D9 ever return to Valor? will you go to SVER next? 
zade86 says: Valor is always our home, we been there since the beta days, i'm pretty sure in the future if Zipper sorts out MAG better for the future, we will be back there rather sooner than later. We felt we needed a change of pace to keep the game alive for our own reasons. We can also play aquisition without getting annoyed with Valor. With raven we can actually win, we can hold our side knowing that the Ravens in the other platoons can do the same on their side, with Valor that would never happen. The other platoon would lose their vehicles within minutes. SVER will never be an option.
mag worldwide says: It sounds to me like you want someone to CARRY you--to make MAG easier. Never? if its WINS you want, our Acquisition Map is said to be even better, why not have SVER as an option? 
zade86 says: we dont like SVER for alot of reasons, it just will never be an option, plus we have alot of friends in Raven. 
mag worldwide says: friends? Don't you have to shoot those people? I'm confused.
mag worldwide says: who are the officers in 6D9? 
zade86 says: Zade86, Shledder, Yamomoto, MacroLover, Colossus524, BioJackel WDunn28, Maynard6Echo, Ram_Page_X, H2K-AznOutLawZ, and MYERS1680.  
mag worldwide says: let's backtrack for a second, explain these reasons for not liking SVER.
zade86 says: some people in there, and the clans. We always said sver was easy mode as well, to go to sver after saying that would be pretty dumb. 
mag worldwide says: oh, this is getting good, what people? what clans? but aren't you going to Raven because it'll be easier? you said yourself that you won't have to worry about the other platoon in acquisition.

zade86 says: i wont mention names or clans, I'm not going to start anything, and I dont know if it'll be easier, but it'll be a nice change of pace. After playing raven in acq many times, we know they actually know what they're doing in there, So it'll be alot more fun for us to play. In Valor you get stuck playing Sabo or Dom like every day, it gets very boring and repetitive. As I said before, we not going to raven because its easier but mainly for our own reasons to keep the game alive for us. 
mag worldwide says: IF YOU SAY SO. So did all of the 6D9 members go to raven? did any stay on Valor?
zade86 says: all came over...but some are still in transition. 
mag worldwide says: You're being really mysterious about the Yamomoto situation, give us something! do you know if he'll be doing a follow-up interview with us?  
zade86 says: no idea mate. 

We'll be sure to post part 2 of  Zade's interview shortly, so be sure to stay tuned. We'll also continue to make efforts to get a response interview with Yamomoto as well.


  1. Let me guess, Yam was going to 'spy on us' -- right? Ugh, people are more retarded than animals, I tell ya'.

  2. SVER is easy mode? lmao. Raven is the new easy mode.

    6D9 BE RUNNIN.

  3. Sad, can't win in their PMC so they swap?

  4. well we had a few people trying to "spy" on ARx. Like it is actually going to help their clans beat us.

  5. Wouldn't be a first, Eagle ._.

    Anyway, MAG WorldWide, I sent you a PM on the forums -- respond back please.

  6. I like turtles

  7. Translation- "I want to play on E-Z mode"

    MY entire time on valor(since march), I have only seen a 6d9 member in the bigger game modes twice. One of those times was the TTT weekend.

  8. (shakes head at 6D9) i thought you guys were made of better stuff than this man. NO COMMENT.

  9. What's a R*S? Never heard of them.

  10. SVER guy is a dumbass and should be replaced after showing him/herself to be this unprofessional.

  11. unprofessional? how so? I asked simple, direct questions. are you just one of those guys that hates anything SVER?

  12. Root of it was that a SVER guy was interviewing a mainly Valor player. How was this interview even set up? It looks like it was done via IM.

    Things such as the entire beginning and "Oh this is getting good" and "sounds like you want someone to carry you" were very unneeded and almost condescending. This would've been fine if it was a forum post but when interviewing someone there is no place for that.

    Oh yeah, I just hate video game skins with orange on them.

  13. I dont like that interview style either. Interviewer came off with an agenda. Lazy.

  14. personally, i liked it. some of you guys need kleenex.

  15. To be clear, I mean that he obviously wanted to focus on 6D9 cutting and running to make things easier on them. Fine. Fair enough. Though, Valor was their home for close to a year. Valor, in that year was NEVER a place to get easy wins. 6D9 played a LOT of Acq. Valor Acq was never a place to go if you intended to get carried, or get easy wins.

    Seriously, Pretending as though 6D9 went to Raven to ride coat tails is ridiculous. There is likely a real reason, and the interviewer did not even try to touch on that.

    Lastly, It is VERY lame to turn 6D9 moving from Valor to Raven into a discussion about SVER. SVER has nothing to do with the "story." At MOST ask a question, "why Raven" or "Why Not SVER" and move along. What the dude did was attempt to trap Zade as though not wanting to play on SVER, Raven or Valor needs some deep lengthy explanation.

    Bottom line: The interview should have been about the actual move or the lame ass "is Yamo still 6D9" story; not Zade's opinion on SVER or an attempt to mark Zade or Yamo or anyone else as blowing in the breeze, take the easy road n00bs.

    An interviewer should never be caught showing his or her bias. I dont see that shit with Thag's interview, and it could have just as easily turned into a pissing match just like this one did.

  16. I like Thag's interview too. but this one wasn't bad at all. i lol'd at zade's opening line.

  17. Yeh, WACK explained it perfectly right there.

  18. Anyone who thinks that 6D9 is doing anything more than changing the game for themselves, shame on you.

    Your right to your opinion doesn't give you a right to judge people in absolution.

    MAG is 3 games, and until aqui and dom maps are faction neutral, single people, groups of friends and yes, even whole clans have a right to experience the game from any perspective. PMC loyalty is by far the most moronic state of mind I have ever encountered in a video game.

  19. really loved this interview. Classic zade :P

  20. you guys are so full of yourselves. 6d9 is the best or 3c is the best. what would be best is if we worked togeather instead of blaming the "blue dots" for your troubles. there are lots of clans who play everyday and how did gun even get on that list of mags best clans? team killers like clubber and the rest post they are great so we're supposed to believe that? lame interview. lame subject. they have red dots now so 6d9 are targets is all. stupid video game drama