Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Valor Roadblocks still not fixed?

Ok so last night we're attacking Valor 4th platoon on Domination, right? We proceed to the road on the left towards the single roadblock between the two bunkers. With all of the things that went into Patch 1.07 some of the big fixes were a roof on the Raven Dom and the "Ninja Door" and roadblocks fixed on Valor's map.

The first thing I notice as we advance? You guessed it. The same old roadblock story, we cut hard left, go right around it, make a sharp right back onto the road and we're smack dab at the AA--or if we feel like it we can be behind their lines in an instant, blowing up assets galore. What gives here? If I was Valor I'd be pissed, and to be honest, we don't want them making excuses about broken maps, attempting to cheapen our victories. One of the core essentials for Online Gaming is Timely Support and Zipper has clearly dropped the ball here. How could this get missed again after all this time and all the talk about finally resolving it? Its only been an issue since JANUARY.

Is it any wonder after all this talk about "Map Fixes" that we have Faction Nuetral instead? I mean why even include mention of this in the patch notes if it wasn't finally done away with? Color me confused.