Monday, August 23, 2010

Use the BETA to expand MAG

Who knows what would have happened if this [ ] had been the official MAG commercial that ran with the frequency of a Madden or GTA ad, like the MAG Gods intended, what MAG would have been? While many of us are positive that making more people AWARE of the game would have probably given us a much larger player base,what's done is done. At this point the player base is small and dwindling due to lack of content, queue times and the lack of variety of essentially three game modes.

Why not provide the Beta to PS3 owners all over again via the PS Store, to give potential "new" players a chance to experience the 256 player mayhem we all know and love so much? Exposing a "refreshed" game to people who may have heard of it (or not) could be just the thing to drive player numbers through the stratosphere and give MAG the new recruits she needs so much.

1 comment:

  1. I personally think zipper is handleing this new Beta correctly, only available to current disc owners.

    Reason: If it was open to all, the new players would be seriously lost in all the new Beta features with no prior knowledge of the existing retail game mechanics.

    Now that Zipper can implement the Beta client with ease. post 1.07 (see alt. below)

    Alternative: Set up a seperate Beta ** for download to new players (without disc)allowing them to play suppression game mode just to get a taste of MAG. Throw in some vids of the other game modes and BOOM their hooked.