Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Suggestion: Separate Weapons by Turn Speed/Movement

One of the things we like about Zipper is that they've shown the ability to resolve some of the game imbalances in their titles. Who can forget that in Socom 2 people able to jet around with the RPG like it was a handgun? There was nothing worse than being unable to track an RPGer because their movement was unaffected by the equipped weapon. MAG has no such issues as the RPG is beautifully balanced and has zero issues as a mobile weapon.

The instant weapons are better separated with turn and affect player movement more we'll have a game where players will have to weight the Pros and Cons of their weapons instead of simply choosing one weapon that's "the best". ( a la the sniper-capable LMG pre-patch 1.03) While weapons like the RPG would have a Very Slow turn speed, the LMG's turn speed would be Slow, the Assault Rifle's would be Normal, the SMG would be Fast and the Pistols would be Very Fast. We think it goes without saying Turn Speed would be unaffected by changing your Pitch and Rotation.

Movement is too vital in MAG not to factor in as well. Keep in mind that its not about Realism as much as its about Balance, which is one of the essentials of online play.


  1. i really like this one. this is a sweet site!

  2. Agree, why does an LMG turn just as fast as the SMG? Imo zipper failed on this one.

  3. never understood that either. another reason that thing is OP.