Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Suggestion: Incentive for Leaving the Spawn

You know, an idea came to us the other day while we were "red-lining" Raven on our Acquisition Map and they refused to to cross the water line. As they layed down and started firing from their spawn area it struck me: They didn't have any reason to leave that area did they? They were tired of advancing, dying and so now they'd sit back and pick off those of us who were aggressively attacking them.

Sooooo. What if they got  +0?  I'm serious. What if they shot me from behind the red line and I yes, I died, but they didn't get any points for it or a kill credited on their stats? KDR Whores and Stats Freaks often use this tactic to prevent from having their "numbers" do down, and too often MAG turns into a 20-30 minute meeting at the red line. Perhaps this would provide some incentive to leave that area. Just something to think about.


  1. I feel that this would cause more rage quitting. If there already getting mowed down before they leave the spawn, no one would be receiving points on the losing side.