Thursday, August 26, 2010

Suggestion: Deserter Ribbons

We weren't prepared to print this article until we saw a favorable number of responses on the "Deserter" poll, but with a pretty large number of the MAG players (over 70%) who voted on our poll being in favor of Deserter Ribbons for people who abandon games? We officially okay'ed it. The issue? Server Kicks. No one wants to be given a coward's medal for an instance where they were disconnected through no fault of their own. Who can blame them? We've all had killer games where we're owning beyond belief and BANG! 3:4 error.

Being given a deserter medal for an instance like that is unforgivable.We're just baffled how developers can review game logs for cheating and other no-no's, but don't have the ability to differentiate Quits from Server Kicks. Perhaps this is a question for a Developer Interview.

The vast majority of MAG is virtually in total agreement with the belief that there should be consequences for leaving games and we're on board as well. It tarnishes MAG's integrity to let deserters get away without any consequences.


  1. love that idea....make it work

  2. One thing that would be of utmost importance were Zipper to actually get with the program on this one:

    Stop putting us into the games that lesser gamers keep backing out of. Nothing worse that getting in queue, ready to go and do your part, only to find yourself in a Domination match with 75% damage done and 15 minutes on the clock.

    Hopefully many of these gamers would quit backing out of these games if there were a consequence in place.

  3. If I were them I'd try fixing the lag which causes tons of BS deaths for those dieing which would stop rage quits. Which IMHO is the leading cause of quits.