Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Beta Impressions

Here are some of the Impressions from some of the forum posters from our BETA BOARDS:
Servo Skull didn't like the Level Caps, he wrote: Who came up with the level requirements? To get most items requires you to be a high level character, wohoo like the cheap Claymore or any of the new guns; Makes respeccing btw pretty senseless.What attachment is for what, huh? Unless I wouldn´t know better from the old MAG and am a new player I would be quite annoyed to find out my shiny new silencer/bipod/whatever doesn´t fit on my desired gun...WE NEED EXPLANATIONS FOR THIS! e.g. only for AR, Pistols or whatever (this is important, much like the lack of a training mode this is another area where the total lack of an explanation can frustrate new players) Weapons stats please? They would be very helpful, the plain description is worth nothing.

PDiggy22 thought it was absurdly hard to compete at a low level he recommended: Allow the med kit, suppressor, forgrip, reddot to be bought at lvl one all newbies start off with $5000 and can buy 3 of the 4 above. spotting them skill points, give 10 or so skill points to start with and they will not earn anymore skill point until they reach lvl 11.

DocEroc mentioned adding the binoculars and "spotting" for snipers we've all wanted for so long.

Warhawk wanted more clarification on which PMC was securing objectives in Escalation: you never know whose getting A, B or C, IT would be a lot better if it was a tad more obvious who is grabbing which letter by switching the colors from red to PMC Color. So instead of blinking blue and red, if Valor is grabbing A it will blink Green and Red, if SVER is grabbing B it will blink Orange and Red. Raven would be Blue and Red. (we also noticed the announcer often fed us wrong information as to what was being secured, we're sure this will be a quick fix, however) He also thought more doors were needed at objective D and that customizable options like clothing should remain free (we tend to agree)

ASmoothKillminal mentioned LAG as the biggest issue.

BuckyChiTown offered a solution to make choosing skills less difficult for newer players:
I think my biggest concern would be with the influx of new players that Move is likely to bring in is if it will be too confusing and overwhelming for them and they will give up on the game early before they are able to unlock the good stuff.
 Here are a few ideas I have that may make things easier on them and keep them around:

1) Let them "choose a class" when they start out and about 10 SP or so will be assigned to a pre-set amount of abilities and a pre-set collection of gear will be unlocked from the supply depot.  For example, if they choose "assault" they will unlock the T2 assault rifle, reflex, grip, and 10 pts in reloading, stability, etc.  Other options would be engineer, sniper, medic, etc.

we'll post more impressions later.


  1. <- is the beta in session!?

  2. I agree with Bucky, adding a few presets would make the game much more friendly to beginners.