Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movement Speed and Armor

Playing in the beta has shown us the movement speed that is coming to the retail version of MAG. We like it just fine. We've always thought that players should be better separated by the points that they spend on movement. Even as important, however, is the fact that Armor Type tangibly affect movement as well. This would mean slowing down the movement noticeably when we upgrade our armor type.

The biggest part of that equation? ARMOR must be better differentiated. In short? It has to offer a tangible, noticeable, different level of protection based on cost. Right now it just doesn't, heavy armor essentially makes the enemy have to knife you twice (if attacked from the front) but like many who have tested it have shown: The difference in  protection is barely noticeable. This has to change if gameplay is going to affect people's movement as it seems it will.

Now this certainly doesn't mean that we need to turn anyone into walking tanks, but let's see armor afford the wearer an upgrade in protection the more points they spend, if not, they're simply wasting points and their movement is being penalized unfairly.