Sunday, August 29, 2010

MAG Interviews: Yamomoto

Our next for Forum Interview is with Yamomoto, another popular forum contributor and Elite MAG player. In this interview he breaks down his opinions on brainstorming the infamous TTT Weekend, OP maps, 6D9 and how he feels about giving gamers one player slot for each faction.

What’s your opinion on the new system that gives us three player slots?
 honestly, i think its a bad decision. people wont have any need to be faction loyal if the character slots were for free. and i think zipper could have spent their time working on something that their customers/the community actually asked for. (ie. flash bangs, DLC sniper rifle and LMG, and the super heavy armor)

 What’s your take on the new in-game economy and separating skills and weapons?
 the new skill tree (mag beta skill tree) is very well set-up it allows people who aren't very skilled at killing to have a better need to their squad/clan/game they are currently playing. designated drivers, or just some random guy on a squad can be used to increase the length of the motion sensor to get a wider layout of the battle field.
What's your opinion on how the community is influencing MAG. “Depairing” was a “forum idea” after all.
 lol depairing XD, it makes sense, if you have a soldering iron why wouldn't that be able to destroy an enemy APC, or even burn someone to deal some damage? kinda ironic that the original repair kit was used in sabo for humorous knifing purposes, now it can actually hurt those amazing walking-tank-men.
What other forum ideas would you like to see implemented?
  i would realy like to see more clan based ideas added to the game... most of these forums got deleted by the evil nazi-blade mag forum moderator lol jk ^^,
Would MAG features in Home, like detailed overhead view of maps get you excited?
 lol i wouldn't say excited, but using ps HOME would be another great way to organize full-fledge clan war games ^^,
MAG Clan practice/training area.
 This would be a great idea, but it wouldn't be necessary unless there is a game mode for ONLY clan vs. clans... playing against random red-dots is enough for people to get the layout of a map since most of the game is spent with the enemy behind their red-line.
6D9 has a reputation for having an All-Star roster but losing more than you should, why?
 lol people PM (private message) me this question alot lol, as most other "well known" clans say "it is because of our blue dots". but that is only about 1/4th the reason why, i think we lose too many games is because most of us just lack that ability to take this game too seriously. of course people are going to get mad when you lose or do bad, but at the end of the day its only a game ^^, 
Baclavas. Yes or NO?
 if zipper could "reimplement" this into the game that would be great (they were in the pre-release betas). but i wouldnt get angry if they cannot find enough time to write the codes for it.
You were one of the organizers of the infamous TTT weekend, what inspired it?
 "TTT" (Take That Transport) originally started as a 6D9 clan day, we were going to get 32 people online (this was before the 16 player max groups) for about 1-3 hours and play a couple acquisition matches. then we ended up only getting about 17 who could actually make it on a single day. So me and kushmir both thought it would be cool if valor actually held 2 acquisition contracts (which hadn't happened at all prior to TTT).
Does the knife need a nerf?
 The knife is "sort've" fine the way it is, the only problem i see is that most times the person who knifes 2nd gets the auto-front kill.
When I say Clan Wars what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
 Broken promises... lol zipper said in one of their first podcasts they would release clan wars (not deployment) spring 2010, then they give us another way to redline for 25-30mins...
How often would you like to see new MAG content? Are you willing to pay for it?
 I would like to see seasonal maps (the maps change depending on what time of the year it is). but i wouldn't want to pay any additional money for an addition if Zipper's new DLC's turned out like the interdiction DLC.
When did you first notice MAG?
 The first beta (the private betas) came out while i was still on MGO (metal gear online) one of my clan-mates said that i should check into this beta from the makers of socom that lets you play on one map with 256 players.
How do we get more players back in MAG? 
Have game modes for casual gamers(no stat ques), normal players(ques the way they are now), and hardcore players(clan vs clan ques) 
What were your impressions of MAG after playing in the BETA? 
I was very confused at first, the maps seemed strange for me since i came from a 8v8/16v16 3rd person shooter game. but in a couple days i began to pick it up.
Who's you're biggest MAG nemesis, and why? 

I Wouldnt say nemesis, but one of the best people to play against would be xjumpman23, his motto is "supplier of purple hearts" and i think his goal is to give me my first purple heart ^^,
Why are you still an active MAG player?

 To be honest i don't play MAG that much anymore, i get on about 2-4 hours a week. but the reason i keep playing is because BRINK doesn't come out until 2/1/11.
Describe your singular MAG experience. 
When you pull up the end game screen and you have 50+ kills over the 2nd top kills holder you kinda wonder if you were even playing the same game as everyone else ^^,
What's your worst MAG shame?

 Losing a sabotage defending game against closed casket crew [3C] at 0:03 very fun game i might add ^^,
Vote-to-Demote? Yay or Nay?
 If anything zipper needs to add that option to V2D against the OIC and PL's. Those two positions can actually make you win or lose a game depending on the person who holds that leadership.
Do SVER Maps need to be more balanced?
 The only thing that needs to be fixed is their acqusition bunker's placement. no other faction has all of their bunkers in perfect sight of both of its neighbors.
Should we be able to fire our weapons when we’re parachuting in?
lol this question would be unanimous if people saw an entire of LMG blue-dots holding R1 while parachuting into the map lol.(agreed. probably a bad idea)
If you could have one dream "game type" what would it be?

 A better APC game mode where you have to deliver your vehicle to several check points in a heavily defended city setting. so think of the city parts in raven's ACQ and having to drive through several different streets to several check points.
People seem to be enamored with a Hostage/VIP/Escort game mode, what say you? 
If there were no blue-dots on that map this game mode wouldn't be a problem, but if one blue-dot "accidently" shotguned the VIP in the back the entire game mode would be ruined.
What new MAG content would you like to see?

 Either new game modes/maps or more gear(guns, helmets, electronics, explosives)
What’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard over Proximity?
The most explicit: "fu@k you! you damned *chnk*! i hope you die eating sushi!"
the weirdest: fyi this is in a little kid's voice "MOM! bring me some chips!!!! WHAT THE HECK THIS ASIAN JUST KNIFED ME!!....... MOM!!!!" veryannoying/funny ^^,
If there was one change you could make to MAG what would it be? 

Letting there be clan wars/private ques.
In your opinion, what is MAG's greatest strength? 

That it can support 256 players maps.
What weakness hurt MAG the most?

 Lack of competition.
Does MAG have cheaters?
 Some people have heard of the magic "rez flying glitch". and of course there are the occasional lag-switchers.
Ghillie suit for snipers, Yay or Nay? 
I wouldn't say just for snipers. I would love to pretend to be a bush and end up knifing an entire squad of red-dots.
What's your favorite game mode and why?
Sabotage, its less likely the blue-dots can ruin that game mode for you. (it saddens us that so many hardcore and experienced MAG players attribute much of their frustration to the ignorant player in their faction. The sad part is that many of these players don't know better. I know this has been beaten to death, but maybe a mandatory training mode would help)


  1. saw him in game more than a few time, guy was awesome.

  2. Concerning the TTT weekend...I would have stopped you too, if I would have caught on sooner and assembled a large enough force to oppose you. lol...but I'm actually glad it was done, it proved that Valor's map is winnable.