Monday, August 30, 2010

MAG Interviews: Plymco Pilgrim

So this is the reason you read our blog isn't it? To get all the MAG info you can't get anywhere else. This is the stuf fyou can't get from Mike Wallace, Oprah or from a sit-down with Katie Couric. When the enigmatic SVER exile Plymco Pilgrim decided to sit down and break down all things MAG after his forum "banishment" ,we jumped at the chance to interview MAG's Fidel Castro. So, without further ado: The Plymco Exclusive...
The cause of your Banning has been hotly debated, some say you posted a pic of a head exploding, i’ve heard a wolf eating a baby, some say it was lag-switching, i’ve even heard you were rude to Mizz Smarty Pants over Proximity, care to set the record straight?

 To this moment I still have not received a specific reason for my ban. In the ban message it said “posting things such as graphic content” but i’m not sure what that content was specifically.
On the day it happened I made 3 posts with a total of 4 pictures. One comparing my stats to stew360 since he said I was a noob and my stats were just a tiny bit better than his at the time. I posted a picture of a head exploding because someone made a SVER comment i had read thousands of times. I posted a picture of a wolf eating a carcass to represent how SVER treats valor, then I posted a picture of a wolf just staring at a raven saying that's how we feel about raven.
I dont lag switch, in fact I pay extra money every month for a faster internet connection. (FYI: this was a joke) I have never met mizzsmartypants in game nor have I ever said anything bad about her on the forum. (we were joking, Plymco Pilgrim needs a lower caffeine diet)
I have been emailing back and forth with lithium recently trying to get that answer but have not received it. I may have got it today as Allen from lithium and I have been sending a series of semi-heated emails back and forth. I’ll check and tell you.
In the MAG-verse you’re considered a political prisoner on the level of Mandela, Peltier, Sakharov and Bobby Sands, what do you think prompted support for your plight?
To be honest I think it was a combination of things with the community itself making a decision. I’ll make a short list:
1) The severity and suddeness of my ban.
2) The apparant randomness of the way the admins locked and erased threads. This combined with their inconsistancy in applying ban forto people for various offenses while allowing others to slide with far worse. I think a lot of the response was from this, the community took the opportunity to express their frustration with the administration and moderation of the forum.
3) The amount of time I spent answering peoples questions even if I had already answered them 15 times.
4) The fact that I tried to listen to and understand everyones opinions even when i didn’t agree and I would share my opinion on almost every topic even if people didn’t always agree with it.
5) Miracles do happen and I find the fact that so many did this a heartwarming miracle.

You’re famous for being a frequent poster and for championing the SVER isn’t OP and No More Nerfs, causes, why do you do it?
I’m laughing as I read this question.
Well dont type “SVER maps are noob friendly” into the search and then narrow by my user name or you may be shocked ;) . Seriously though I just felt most of the people who tried to fight for and argue on SVERs behalf could use a guy with a lot of experience in political debating to take up their cause and I enjoy a debate where my side is more difficult to argue.
No More Nerfs:
No More Nerfs was a response to patch 1.03. That thing just broke everything in an attempt to balance things. I wanted them to make weapons stronger and lighter instead of heavier and weaker in order to create more balance. The less bullets to kill people the more skilled you have to be to do good. RudiKazootie is a member if you didn’t notice from the majority of weapons the last patch (I wont speak of a certain issue with one of svers guns here) ;) .
I also didn’t want SVER’s maps made easier but wanted valor and raven’s made tougher to get balance. Why would I want everyone to have a walk in the park on attack? I LOVE raven’s new map. I wish valor got roadblocks. I wanted the maps harder to beat not easier to get balance. Again this requires more skill to do good.

If you could have one dream “game type” what would it be?
I’m split between 2.
If it was just for me I would say a 256 player death-match where anyone from any faction can jump in. The map would be the size of a Sabotage map but with 256 people from any faction in the map with everyone being your enemy. CHAOS :D .
If it was more for the good of the game I would say a mode very similar to the new one. I like the new one a lot actually, the theory of it is pretty good. I would have it slightly different though. Just one letter at all times for all 3 platoons to fight over. No capturing the outer ring. This would make it CONSTANT crazy action. I know it kinda goes against the mag “do things in steps to win” game mode mentality but I think it would be more fun.

How would you resolve the lower player numbers?
Honestly I’m not really sure on this one.
What could be done? Advertising and lowering the price (although you can get it fairly cheap used online).

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard over Proximity?
“But I don’t wanna go to bed Mom, I wanna kill this Pilgrim guy he’s from the forum”
If there was one change you could make to MAG what would it be?
32 man groups. Clan deploy may be accomplishing this but I haven’t tested that in the beta yet.
What weakness hurt MAG the most?
MAG’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.
The complexitiy of the game is too much for some shooter players. Some people are only suited to supression or at most sabotage. They just want to walk around shooting people and dont want to be bothered defending a panel or reparing a AAA battery.
Does MAG have cheaters?
Griefers, exploiters, and weirdos who will all group up in a game and try to lose but I dont think we have any real cheaters.
Ghillie suit for snipers, Yay or Nay?
Snipers can already hide very well and I am annoyed when a sniper kills me so I’m going with no.
What’s your favorite game mode and why?
Domination. Most stuff to do, most stuff to blow up, most people in the game at once.
Who were you looking forward to matching up with in Clan Wars?
Honestly I’m not a huge clan war guy and I was never into the whole “GB” thing on other games. However I’d like to play a clan battle against every clan that is active online regularly. I would especially like to play against my friends clans who I talk to on here.
Does it affect MAG’s integrity to let people quit out of games with no penalty?
Yes and no. yes due to the “hot potatoe” issue and people trying to mold their stats but no due to the fact that the game does have disconnecting and freezing which occurs.
Funniest thread you’ve ever seen on the forums?
I dont have a funniest but I have a best, the “Have you seen me or played with me” was the best thread ever. Did I mention inconsistencies being one of the reasons people rallied around me?
What was the best post ever?
RudiKazootie proclaiming membership in the no more nerfs club :D
Why do MAG players have an inherent superiority complex when it comes to COD players?
Because COD is easy and uninvolved compared to mag. Let me make an analogy. MAG is like playing Chess while COD is like playing checkers.
Do Japanese players really have an advantage in MAG?
No. We bounce on their screen like they bounce on ours.
Why’s it so hard to implement Healing yourself with L1 and teammates with R1, or vice versa?
That's one you will have to ask zipper. I have no experience coding how a controller works with a video game.
Why are you still an active MAG player?
I still play 1-2 hours a night sometimes more. usually 10pm till 1130 eastern. sometimes earlier sometimes later. You may catch me on saturday/sunday mornings at 7 or 8 am central if I’m not trophy hunting.
Describe your singular MAG expeience.
128 man stampede!!!!
What’s your worst MAG shame?
Anytime I’m not in the MVP section. Your either first or your last :) .
Vote-to-Demote? Yay or Nay?
100% Yes
Do the helicopter respawns need fixing?
Yes. It needs to take 5 rockets to take down a helicopter.
People seem to be enamored with a Hostage/VIP/Escort game mode, what say you?
I am all for new game modes if we end up with a lot more players. As it is our player base that is on at any one time is already spread a little too thin.
What new MAG content would you like to see? Backlavas and Facewraps please along with a new SMG. I like the Mini-silenced LMG they gave us in the new beta a lot :) .


  1. another great interview! I've tried to take down a bunker held by Plymco... and he's annoyingly good. :)

  2. Finally, a little clarity on why you were banned, even though I still think it was a load of crap compared to some other posts I've seen. Good to hear from ya Pilgrim, stay the course my friend...


  3. Great interview. I had wondered what happened to Plym on the forums. i had seen some stuff that led me to think he had been banned but didn't get the story from anyone. I always found him (that's you Plym) to be a pretty levelheaded guy and was surprised to see him banned.


  4. Hey Plym a certain OSG member has a nice addition for your forum sig. ;)