Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its called a BETA for a reason, people.

While many of us were frustrated by the Beta teasing us with a 99% download, moving slower than molassses or by disconnecting us about every thirty seconds or so when we actually WERE able to connect, lets keep in mind that Launch Day Issues are as old as gaming. This is the kind of thing that happens, consistently. Who can forget the first-day issues with the SOCOM: Confrontation Installer? Halo 2? Remember those?

These issues will be ironed out and we'll all have beta access soon enough. Everyone just hold your horses a bit until then. These things take time. What we SHOULD be concentrating on is giving Zipper the feedback they need so that the game mode is Balanced, Glitch-Free and Enjoyable.

P.S. Isn't the new Skill Tree sweet, though?


  1. 3:4 and 11:1 errors all morning!