Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clan Wars you say?

Color me disappointed. I have a few friends that feel the same way. When we heard Clan Wars were coming after a long time we thought we'd see a few of my buddies from OSG duking it out with IMP, GUN going head to head with the Euro Forum Ravens or The Dark Flock and 6D9 having at it. But now the truth comes out and we've essentially been given the ability to form large supergroups? (an ability we had before that some genius took away) An organized Clan Deploy against randoms?


Some of us almost feel like we were downright "Bait and Switched". It seems as if elements at Zipper have been trying to keep clans from having a solid foothold in MAG since the game started. Aren't we the ones keeping the game alive? Many of us kept playing because of the promise of clan wars, and we fear that many long-time players may now quit because they were TOLD Clan Wars would finally be coming, and now the rug has been pulled our from under them at the 11th hour.

Our recommendation? Make an announcement regarding the implementation of the Clan Features that were promised initially as quickly as reasonably possible. While we can certainly understand setbacks/this mode being difficult to implement, clans are an integral part of this game--don't freeze us out.


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