Monday, August 30, 2010

Best MAG Strategies

Our first reader article was submitted to us by Kushmir of Valor's V-C. He touches on a few issues of MAG tactics and strategy. He goes from the overload method, to shooting down choppers to bypassing the burn-off towers in domination. The following are the best MAG strategies he's witnessed.

1. Overload Method - simple right? get the entire platoon to start with one bunker in DOM and work your way across. we take it for granted now....but how many countless soldiers were mowed down before somebody got a light-bulb above their heads and decided the boundary bunkers were the most vulnerable? not sure who did this first....V+V Leader Big_Bishop was the first i saw coordinate it though.

i've also seen 2 platoons "double up" on letters as well in DOM as well...INGENIOUS. especially if done early enough.

2. Attacking Both Objectives - Rush from DCM was the first i saw do this one. we capped A and he immediately sent two guys who were good over to B to capture that as well. he didn't wait...he didn't ask if they needed help. he just sent them. seems so simple now, but i'll never forget the guy from OSR (old school raven) who told us to "get it yourself" when we asked for help because our squad only had four people. for the record: if you only vet over to sabotage other PMCs? DON'T.

3. Reviving the Bunker Line - I'm betting some sneaky dude trying to get a repair ribbon started this one. doesn't matter..its a GREAT strategy in regards to making an attacker have to split their forces and giving defenders time to regroup.

4. Going to the OTHER Platoon - BRILLIANT. i haven't got a clue who started this one--you can do it in ACQ or DOM. running into a stone wall against some capable defenders? skip over to the other platoon, and you're immediately behind their bunker lines, not to mention they're now OUTNUMBERED. special shout-out to Yamo on being the first guy i've seen DRIVE over to the other platoon. pure genius with our APC.

5. Shooting Down Choppers - I imagine most people thought these were static initially, and then someone/somewhere decided to fire a weapon at one. THE REST IS HISTORY.

6. Falling Back in Valor Acq - In the tradition of Valor we get a pretty good rear fortification that houses our transports. it seems like i was in a game with Battlecry or Thagmor (VE) and instead of wasting our energy trying to get the bunkers/AA back up and getting mowed down--they had us put APCs in and around the transport area and defend IN FRONT of the gate and hold the line from the mortars to the sensor array. FACT: i've still never seen a transport lost if that gate stays up.

7. Hiding APCs -The beauty of HUGE maps is plenty of places to hide APCs. especially now that they don't show up on the CNI. there's simply no substitute for knowing a great spot to put a transport and having a mobile spawn behind enemy lines. I freaked out the first time i saw a raven APC in the garage on Valor's 2nd platoon's right side.

8. Gate Kills - I'm almost sure this was discovered by accident, but a big THANK YOU to whoever was the first to repair a gate and crush an enemy APC instantly. no mines? no rockets and got an enemy apc bearing down or a transport escaping? problem. get your repair kit out, time it just  right and get ready to hear plenty of obscenities over proximity :smileyhappy:

9. Honorable Mention - The  absolute genius who determined that burn-off towers in DOM would fall if the bunkers fell first, even though the voice in the sky and the pre-game instructions said attack the burn-off towers? I SALUTE YOU. Zipper you have to do BETTER.


  1. Always brilliant kushmir.

    I'd love to expand on the 'doubling up on letters.' Having a platoon coordinate so each is throwing their full force at a single letter works very well, having platoons coordinate with each other so that they are attacking the same corner letters together (where the motorpools/mortars/sensor arrays are) works even better.
    An OIC that can take advantage of this at the onset coordinating platoons to take 4 adjoining corner letters and ignore the opposite letters will generally do very well for their companies.

  2. yeah we met V-C on Aralkum many times. we've beaten them before, but i don't know if i've seen anyone get two vehicles faster.

  3. thanks ID, all credit goes to the people that coordinate that stuff tho. it only succeeds when people work together.